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INFP/melancholic/chaotic good

cancer sun, aries moon, libra rising




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discord: moon.presence

please note that i do not check my e-mail often!


hello visitor! i go by lapin online, and i am a hobby illustrator-slash-eternally stressed out office worker with socially avoidant tendencies irl.( ⸝⸝´꒳`⸝⸝) despite all the pink and pastel/cutesy themes on my website, i mostly wear black! my style leans toward goth-girly or "adam sandler-core". there is no inbetween LMAO (i really do enjoy some luxury goods though as you can see in my room! i like collecting knick-knacks, whether they are antiques/vintage goods or anime/vg merch.

i am an enjoyer of cute and creepy things as well as nerdy things like animanga, jrpgs, and reading. i tend to dabble here and there in all sorts of creative endeavors but i am truly a jack-of-all-trades and master of none. i tend to be a melancholic type of person but that's just who i am. despite this though, i can be very (loudly) opinionated and am pretty hot-tempered. im a crybaby, internet traveler, a lovestruck fool that has the tendency to listen to the same 5 songs on repeat for days and days. i enjoy talking to my e-friends and digital penpals when im not drawing. (feel free to message me if you'd like to talk!)

i've been getting general questions asked in my art faq ask box, so i've decided to answer them and put them here! ↓↓↓

commonly asked questions
What does lapin mean? it's french for rabbit!

What the heck does beyond the beyond mean in your footer? beyond time! and space! and everything! it's also actually a reference to a 1995 Camelot jrpg on the playstation. it was one of the first games we got on it. i never beat it...

Are you rich? LOL no. i work for a living, and am DINK(WAD). i am also older than like 90% of the neocities population, so i've had plenty of time to buy stuff and save $$.

Are you asian? What kind? yes, half.

Can I message you just to chat? of course! but i reply slowly most of the time due to being busy or just plain forgetting (sorry!)

Can I add you on Steam/PS/etc? sure but i will likely never play with you lol (i mostly play solo rpgs!!)

What are your feelings about social media? could do with, could do without. unlike most of NC, i was actually around during the old web days, so i know that 1.) its NEVER coming back 2.) you guys romanticize the hell out of it, it was the wild west.

things I like

tea, coffee, nail art, tattoos, seafood, thrifting, horticulture, collecting cute things, cherubs/angels, and horror movies. sanrio (kuromi has been my fave since 2005). cows (the current website mascot is my cow kemonomimi oc! :3), cowprint, rabbits! collecting cross jewelry and vivienne westwood earrings. alt fashion, lazy fashion. BBS/imageboards, old school forums, designing OCs and attempting to write.

games bloodborne, lies of p, shadow hearts, koudelka, drakengard I, III, nier replicant & automata, castlevania, silent hill 1-4, style savvy, animal crossing, rune factory, harvest moon, resident evil, rule of rose, parasite eve 1, demento/haunting ground, final fantasy: tactics, 7-10 & 15, xenogears, xenosaga I-III, fire emblem, suikoden,kingdom hearts 1&2, katamari damacy, gitaroo man, tekken, RGG/yakuza, persona 2-4, tekken, darkstalkers, king of fighters.
animanga wotakoi, berserk, moribito, claymore, cowboy bebop, samurai champloo, outlaw star, slayers, record of loddoss war, ruin explorers, macross plus, saint tail, bnha, jujustu kasien, darker than black, death parade, death note, life lessons with uramichi oniisan, recovery of an mmo junkie, sailor moon, princess tutu, madoka, magical girl anime, junji ito, paradise kiss, ai yazawa, kaori yuki, clamp, josei, slice of life
tv/movies pushing daisies, hannibal, the good place, buffy, parks & rec, orange days, amelie, stardust, labryinth, the princess bride, howl's moving castle, pan's labyrinth, big fish, pride & prejudice, edward scissorhands, a tale of two sisters, kamikaze girls, ride your wave


height hair color eyes style
5'0" / 153cm black hazel comfy
pet fruit instrument weather
staffy mango violin gloomy
  • lol my English is often bad so i have to proofread everything like 47 times. the thesaurus is my best friend ♥
  • my social battery runs low very quick, so im sorry for any slow replies to dms! i just get tired.
  • my favorite food is sake nigiri. i also really like cajun food as well!
  • i LOVE melon flavored soda and milk flavored candies
  • i have bum-length hair but i constantly dream about cutting it to a chin length bob (im very indecisive)


characters i relate to or find myself similar to. you can get a glimpse of what kind of person i am beyond the text and cute pixels of this website!

A shut-in gloomy girlrotter fascinated with the macabre. Uncompromising about her likes and dislikes. Self-concious despite her obstinate personality.
Headstrong, tempermental yet standoffish, and has a low opinion of men. Very passionate about stuff she cares about. Disciplined and hardworking.
Sunako Nakahara
The Wallflower
Hino Rei
Prety Guardian Sailor Moon
Idealistic yet realistic. Masks her anger behind smiles. Driven and can be a bit cruel towards those she dislikes/hates. Physically weak.
Brash, impulsive and always true to herself. She takes pride in being pretty and strong. A little bit of a clown. She's a caring person underneath her arrogance.
Kocho Shinobu
Kimetsu no Yaiba
Kugisaki Nobara
Jujutsu Kaisen