hello! welcome to my arcade. this space is where i will catalogue my collection, as well as share short thoughts, praise or criticism about what i have played. my thoughts are usually messy and unscrambled so if you are looking for coherent or professional reviews-this will not be the place for you. however, i will write what i think about these games and that will include my personal feelings, thoughts, and biases.

my games are sorted by console, but other than that, they are not in any kind of special order. i do not collect unopened games, as i like to enjoy my purchases even if it means "devalue-ing" them by opening the wrap.

currently, most of my collection contains games from the ps2 era and beyond, but i would like to buy some older psx games that i played in my childhood.

last updated: 10.01.23
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lapin's consoles

I have been collecting these consoles over the years. All of these were bought upon the console's release, so they are plenty old. The PSX and all Gameboy versions were bought by my parents though (lol) but I've held onto these things because I am very sentimental but also, I like to hoard and collect things that pertain to my hobbies. Not a fan of Microsoft/Xbox so I don't have any of those despite owning a copy of Lost Odyssey.

  • PSX
  • PS2
  • PSP, HANNAH MONTANA EDITION (bought because it's a cute purple color LOL) 1
  • PS VITA, [JP] Light Pink-White Edition
  • PS3
  • PS4
  • PS5
  • DSI
  • WII
  • WII U


details about my PC setup ^_^

  • Case: NZXT S340
  • Monitors: x and x
  • Keyboard: Logitech G713 (Aurora Collection)
  • Macro Keypad: Koolertron
  • Mouse: Logitech G203 (White)
  • Speakers:Bluedee SK010
  • Headset: Razer Kraken Kitty
  • Fans: Corsair QL Series, iCUE QL120 RGB (x4)
  • RAM: Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro 32GB (4x8GB) DDR4
  • Mouse: Razer RZ01 (Overwatch D.Va)
  • Keyboard: Razer BlackWidow V3 Mechanical (Rose Quartz)


little notes and whatnot i have on games that i've played on sony consoles.

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Lies of P | not rated yet Immediately when this game was announced in development, I was 10000% interested. Bloodborne is one of my favorite games of all time, so to hear that there was a soulslike being made inspired by it...saying I was hype is an understatement. I LOVE old aesthetics (Victorian, Belle Epoque, Baroque, etc) and I especially love them when they have a twist: horror, fantasy, etc. So horror and steampunk influences, plus being based on a fairytale!?! I was all in, baby. And as of writing this I am about 70% of the way through AND I LOVE IT!!! This might be my GOTY. The design, writing, the music, gameplay...everything is beautiful and amazing. And painful (the lore! the story! some of the characters...rip romeo and murphy.) Honestly though, despite the reputation I've seen it garner on places like Reddit (I've read comments from people saying ITS BROKEN, ITS TOO HARD, THE DEVS DESERVE TO BE JOBLESS (???)) I don't find it hard at all. Maybe that's because I am a ~Soulsborne~ veteran but I find the game almost painfully easy at times. Sure, there are some balance issues here and there but 1) git gud 2) you can literally cheese the game with legion arm + throwables. I didn't play it that way but I know it's possible.
Anyways this is just me rambling, I want to sit down and write out a thoughtful review and analysis when I've finished the game but I just wanted to yell for a little bit about how much I love the game, the automatons/puppets, P himself (he is so adorable THAT IS MY SON. what is the son equivalent of yumejo??? i love him so much i just want to cradle and protect him forever LOL)

note to self: talk about...allusions and references to the OG story, music and sound design, talk about costumes and art design and direction??? (the spider opera puppets r so good) so much to gush about...maybe i should make a shrine instead???? hmmmmmmm...........
Unpacking | ★★★★☆ A darling little puzzle game! I immediately fell in love with the art. I don't want to talk much about the "storyline" to avoid spoiling it but it was really lovely. It's a game that many different women can relate to, I think. Especially the level where you have to basically minimize yourself, and try to find space for yourself in a man's life that has not willingly made space for you. I will admit that my eyes watered a bit when you had to stuff MC's award/degree under the boyfriends bed, as he didn't care enough to make the space for you. Luckily, I've never experienced that but my mind immediately flashed to the experiences of my sister, mother, friends. I really enjoyed the attention to detail like when MC moves back home after their breakup, if you try to put the photo up on her corkboard, she's pressed a thumbtack through his face lol.

It's a pretty short game with some replayability if you want to find the hidden interactions of some of the items for the trophies. I think my only nitpick is that the music was a little boring and unmemorable for me. I'd recommend to anyone that likes easy going puzzle games!
Final Fantasy XVI | not rated yet

Okay, I wanted to write some thoughts down I had before finishing the game because there were some things I really wanted to yell about!! The first act of the game (up until the Phoenix Gate stuff) caught me off guard. I knew that Square wanted to go a "darker" and "mature" route, but I really was not expecting all the cursing, violence, and later the intimate scenes/nudity. It didn't really sit right with me at first because it definitely felt like they wanted to reach a more "bro" audience, especially with the obvious and heavy-handed influences from the Game of Thrones TV show. Honestly, while some of the shocking stuff in the first part pulled an emotional response from me, as I played on a bit I kind of...grew to not like it? It just seemed very male-gazey, if that makes sense. Not in a sexual way (yet) but just the drabness and grimness of it all. Final Fantasy for the most part to me, was a series that was unapologetic in it's whimsy and color, fun casts and story beats. (I am praying that FF17 will serve that special FF whimsical-ness back to us. FFX is proof that you can have a deep story while being colorful and fun!!!!!)

So this new direction...I admittedly was a little sour. I DO like stories that are dark and filled with hopelessness etc. but I don't know! I wasn't really feeling the tone at first. But now as I've put about 30 hours in, I can say that it did get better (for me anyways!) Once you get past the initial Game of Thones/Final Fantasy mashup fanfic in the beginning it starts to feel like a more "grown up" Final Fantasy game, but in the way that's not BLOOD! SEX! VIOLENCE! But in the way of stronger/more-eloquently written dialogue. It definitely felt Final Fantasy when all the stuff with the Crystals and Ultima showing up at the half(?)way point.

Now, what I really wanted to complain about was all the moaning on Reddit and Twitter about how Jill is so BLAND and BORING. It kind of irritated me because I was seeing a lot of comparisons of her with Aerith (Why???? I don't know) but it's like SHOCK! SURPRISE! The solemn and guilt-ridden princess who was a political hostage turned warrior-by-slavery is serious, and hides her deeper felt emotions (she DOES say this in a conversation with Clive, so all the bros saying that this particular "headcanon" doesn't count...it's canon!!!!!!) is totally different from the plucky, cheerful, and flirtatious flower girl. Like...they are two different characters dealing with two different struggles...in TWO DIFFERENT GAMES. Why are you comparing them?

Anyways, all the comments of "I wish Benedikta was there instead of Jill so she can flirt with me/Clive" made me homocidal!!! They OBVIOUSLY did not understand Bene's character and what made her a tragic figure...Blinded by her "sexy" design and how some of her cutscenes has her naked, they really think she's a vixen type character?? Did they play the same game I played!? She used her body and looks by order of the king (@ Kupka) or to keep her current powerful station in life (bedding the King.) The writing hints at assault (physical or sexual, up to you I guess) during her youth when her backstory with Cid is covered, and as a woman (or idk someone with a brain and media literacy), I feel like the use of her sexuality isn't done because she's a horny little thing but because she NEVER wants to return to being "weak" and under a man's thumb again. In a weird and rotten sense, she is able to "empower" herself by use of her body. Is this particularly feminist? No. Not by a long shot, but it really makes me mad that they see her opposite of how she is written.

They all assume that she is flirty or whatever because of how she acts around Kupka or the King guy (sorry I forgot his name..I'll edit this later LOL) but did they not see how she acts around the men she commands? Or her enemies? Benedikta is cold and ruthless, authoritative and serious when it comes to getting what she wants, so why would bargaining her body be different? It's not an act of self-pleasure or hedonism. She never even acts like she's truly some sexy-vixen-temptress so I don't get it. She was OBVIOUSLY using those two!!!! The only man that she is shown to be emotionally weak for is Cid! He's the only one that shone a light in the crack of her armor/persona. Also when she loses Garuda? She becomes feral and heartbroken essentially because no power = back to where she was before Cid/being a Dominant......weak, abused, and her body being used--but NOT by her choice.

I think if they had better writing for her, the tragicness of her character would have really shone. But alas, gamer guys see boobies and that's all they think about. I wish she was in the story for longer than we got!

Okay, so back to Jill, I think it's funny that when a female character is the solemn/serious archetype shes BORING BLAND LAME!!! But when it's a male? He's the best, so cool, ~awesome~ character writing. I will be a Bene and Jill defender TIL I DIE!!!!!!! (And tbh i dont particularly love them and my honest opinion is, yes, Square could have written them better, but I will still argue about all of this lmfaao)


little notes and whatnot i have on games that i've played on nintendo consoles.

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Fire Emblem Engage | ★★★☆☆ Unfortunately for me, great map design and fun battle mechanics and maps cannot overshadow the bad writing, lame supports, and character designs. I really wanted to love this but I just didn't enjoy it. The first Fire Emblem game that I did not finish. The Somniel area and mini-games/gimmicks got old quick! I'm mostly sad that I couldn't find a character that I really connected with because most of them were written so shallowly that it was hard to even care.


all my vidya. under construction cuz im too lazy to list everything!

  • [PS3] Dragon Age: Origins
  • [PS3] Dragon Age II
  • [PS4] Dragon Age: Inquisiton
  • [PSX] Final Fantasy VII
  • [PSP] Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core
  • [PS5] Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core Reunion
  • [PS4] Final Fantasy VII Remake
  • [PS5] Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade
  • [PSX] Final Fantasy VIII
  • [PS4] Final Fantasy VIII: Remaster (Digital)
  • [PSX] Final Fantasy IX
  • [PS4] Final Fantasy IX: Remaster (Digital)
  • [PS2] Final Fantasy X
  • [PS4] Final Fantasy X/X-2 Remaster
  • [PS2] Final Fantasy X-2
  • [PS4] Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age
  • [PS4] Final Fantasy XV
  • [PS2] Kingdom Hearts
  • [PS2] Kingdom Hearts 2
  • [PS2] Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories
  • [PSP] Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep
  • [PS4] Kingdom Hearts 3
  • [PS4] Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory
  • [PS3] Legend of Dragoon (Digital)
  • [PS3] Parasite Eve (Digital)
  • [PSP] Persona
  • [PSP] Persona 2: Innocent Sin
  • [PS2] Persona 3 FES
  • [PSP] Persona 3 Portable
  • [PS2] Persona 4
  • [PS4] Persona 5
  • [PS2] Shadow Hearts
  • [PS2] Shadow Hearts II
  • [PS2] Shadow Hearts: From the New World
  • [PS4] Yakuza 0 (Digital)
  • [PS4] Yakuza 1 (Digital)
  • [PS4] Yakuza 2 (Digital)
  • [PS4] Yakuza 3 (Digital)
  • [PS4] Yakuza 4 (Digital)
  • [PS4] Yakuza 5 (Digital)
  • [PS4] Yakuza 6 (Digital)
  • [PS4] Yakuza 7: Like A Dragon (Digital)
  • [PS4] YS VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana(Digital)
  • [PS4] YS IX: Monstrum NOX (Digital)
  • [PS2] Xenosaga: Der Wille zur Macht
  • [PS2] Xenosaga II: Jenseits von Gut und Böse
  • [PS2] Xenosaga III: Also sprach Zarathustra
  • [GC] The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
  • [GC] The Legend of Zelda: Windwaker
  • [WII] Animal Crossing: City Folk
  • [WII] Baroque
  • [WII] Epic Mickey
  • [WII] Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers
  • [WII] Just Dance 2
  • [WII] Just Dance 3
  • [WII] The Last Story
  • [WII] Mario Party 8
  • [WII] Muramasa
  • [WII] No More Heroes
  • [WII] No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle
  • [WII] Okami
  • [WII] Pandora's Tower
  • [WII] Red Steel 2
  • [WII] Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles
  • [WII] Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles
  • [WII] Rhythm Heaven Fever
  • [WII] Samurai Warriors 3
  • [WII] Sengoku Basara
  • [WII] Silent Hill: Shattered Memories
  • [WII] Sin & Punishment: Star Successor
  • [WII] Super Smash Bros Brawl
  • [WII] Tenchu: Shadow Assassins
  • [WII] Trauma Center: New Blood
  • [WII] The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword
  • [WII] Xenoblade Chronicles
  • [WIIU] Bayonetta 2
  • [WIIU] Hyrule Warriors
  • [WIIU] Super Mario Bros U + Super Luigi U
  • [WIIU] Super Smash Bros WII U
  • [WIIU] Mario Kart 8
  • [WIIU] Mario Party 10
  • [WIIU] The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD
  • [WIIU] Xenoblade Chronicles X
  • [SW] Animal Crossing: NeW Horizons
  • [SW] Final Fantasy: Theatrhythm Final Bar Line (Digital)
  • [SW] Fire Emblem: Warriors
  • [SW] Fire Emblem: Three Houses
  • [SW] Fire Emblem: Engage (Digital)
  • [DS] Final Fantasy III
  • [DS] Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days
  • [3DS] Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance
  • [3DS] Fire Emblem Fates: Special Edition
  • [360] Lost Odyssey
  • [PC] Among Us
  • [PC] Aragami
  • [PC] DOOM
  • [PC] Elden Ring
  • [PC] Left 4 Dead 2
  • [PC] Tales of Symphonia
  • [PC] Stardew Valley
  • [PC] The Sims 3
  • [PC] The Sims 4


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