Lapin's Art Gallery

Atelier Gothique


  • → Warning: gore, horror, mature themes (pinup art and the like.)
  • → Do not copy, trace, reproduce, reprint, or repost!
  • → Not authorized for AI training or NFTs.


  • → wacom cintiq, desktop
  • → ipad pro, apple pencil, procreate
  • → ms paint, opencanvas, sai


Thanks for visiting my art gallery!
Please take heed of the notes on the right before you browse around.
If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to drop me a line!


06.19.24 new art in /pixel & /rkgk

05.10.24 new art in /pixel

05.08.24 new art in /illust & /rkgk

04.26.24 2 new pieces in /illust

04.11.24 new art in /illust

04.01.24 new art in /pixel

02.05.24 new OC art in /pixel

01.29.24 new OC doll in /pixel

12.09.23 added gift art for pomelo in /illust, a WIP in /rkgk, and a little collage of my oc pixels from the oc sitemap in /pixel

10.13.23 updated the layout again. 3rd time's the charm! i just wasn't happy with the notebook layout. hopefully this one sticks around for a while :3c i have also made warning thumbnails for any questionable art. please let me know if i missed a thumbnail or if there are any broken links! ♥

07.28.23 finally updated my art gallery layout! please excuse any mess or broken links while i get things prettied up! working on uploading lower res images for faster loading time


【 i am 】→ lapin, a hobbyist and oc artist.

【 likes 】→ drawing girls & couple art. dark, gothic, cute and sweet aesthetics.

【 time 】→ doodling badly since 2000.

An artist who loves beautiful things, whether cute or tinged with horror. A lot of my personal art can be very cutesy or dark, and I enjoy putting Catholic imagery and symbolism in my OC pieces, tinged with a sense of romance or sensuality. I don't really have a consistent art style or work flow, and I like to experiment!