Art Miscellania

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other things related to art and my ocs!


all the beautiful art i've been gifted! i love every piece!!!

if i missed posting an art you sent me, or if you'd like a piece removed, please let me know! ^_^

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a list of stuff i want to commission or trade for. this is just for me so i dont forget...i have a pea brain!

oc trades

Under Construction!

i am not very into the oc trading scene! very rarely will i participate because i always grow uber attached to my characters even if i dont draw or use them often. here are the things i prefer in oc trades:

key: 💘love

physical clothing themes palettes misc
💘long black hair. white/grey/silver hair 💘nun habit/priest cassock 💘victorian gothic, dark fantasy, or gothic fantasy 💘dark 💘evil/problematic/edgy women
💘very pale skin or dark skin 💘cross accents 💘"catholic-core": religious/angels/demons 💘desaturated or pastel colors 💘size difference >:3
💘horror, occult, eldritch
🤍suits: mercs, operatives, crime/yakuza, salarymen
🤍maids, butlers
🤍clowns, jesters
❓medieval/fantasy, folklore, mythology, historical, sci-fi, cyberpunk
❌sandpunk/desertpunk/grungy dystopia à la mad max

art trades

Under Construction!

general info for art trades if you are interested! please reach out to me via discord @moon.presence if you'd like to discuss.