pictures of some of the food i eat.

i am a lazy cook and i tend to eat a lot of the same things. sometimes i'll throw in pictures of restaurant food.

this page is 1000% for me to look back on but i hope you enjoy looking too!

foodie bucketlist



authentic italian

gordon ramsey restaurant

Medieval Times

different cultural traditional desserts!


breakfast at a hipster-y coffee shop in orlando. i got an iced oatmilk matcha blueberry latte! i never knew blueberry would taste so good with matcha. i liked this so much that i plan on remaking this regularly at home.

stopped by a columbian bakery while we were there. i didn't take any pictures of what i bought (pan de leche i think it was called) because i ate it so quickly. very sweet but very delicious! for dinner, i had my first fish tacos. was good, would eat again!

i love making cute lattes and coffee!! i hardly ever take pics of them though because i always drink them in 5 minutes lol. the glass is from ahn studio. ever since i got it in the mail, ive been using it nonstop. so cute!

i made red curry tofu. it was pretty good but i only had red onions on hand and they were TOO strong T>T

brazo de mercedes. an ube macapuno (taro coconut) flavor!! a traditional dessert from the philippines, a type of pionono that originally came from the spanish colonizers. it was very good...light, fluffy, and subtly sweet. would eat again! ( ̄︶ ̄)↗ 


had dinner at popular fancy place. can you believe that this was over $300....(it was good but the cost oml..)

i made tendon (tempura donburi) it was okay...why does my mom's food always taste 100x better

pad thai, one of my absolute faves!!!

viet food! nom nom. i've been eating out too much lately...

southern food at the jazz cafe for father's day

a lot of the food i ate on vacation last month!! lots of good seafood and some authentic korean food at a mom & pop restuarant!

i made takoyaki! no bonito flakes or aonori because i was out :c

the ugliest curry to exist. cooking this reminded me of how much i hate cooking lol

a rice bowl with a ton of stirfried beansprouts. topped with an eggy and a pepper paste sauce. very filling and not very visually appealing but i liked it.

i made pork & veggie gyoza and a pile of garlic soy bok choy. super yummy. i steamed the gyoza because i prefer it to pan-fried.

buffalo chicken salad. kinda ugly but it tasted pretty good

"bang bang" shrimp salad. lots of chopped cabbage and wonton strips. i was surprised at how yummy this was but it kinda reminded me of something people would order at like applebees or something

margherita pizza with balsamic drizzle from the local pizza place downtown. this one is my favorite from there.

shrimp & grits from a very popular local brunch place. topped with a poached egg. it's so ugly but it was so good. 1000/10

sushi from my favorite place. you can tell which rolls were mine vs. poopy's LOL. americanized sushi for sure. my favorite is the sake nigiri

shrimp po-boy from a restaurant on the beach. overpriced tourist food. it was okay. also i hate sweet potato fries


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