Not an important update at all but look!! Look at this lil guy! This lil guy who has made a home in my hydrangeas. So CUTE!!

So for a couple of months my little purple waffle plant wasn't doing so well! Not really dying, but not growing or looking strong or anything. I ended up moving her over to the windowsill in the dining room, and she has just exploded in growth!!I'll have to take a picture of her size and do a lil comparion of before vs after. She's so happy in all that sunlight that she sprouted a little flower! One of my favorite things in the world is when a plant that typically isn't known for it's blooms are so happy with the love and care (and SUN!!) that they receive that they grow flowers. I was so surprised when I spotted a couple of little white flowers (kind of hard to see in the picture but I was too excited to hold my phone steady lol!)

My next challenge is to try and get my calathea dottie to thrive. I've owned a few different types of calatheas in the past...and they all died!! After reading about some people's experience with the plants on r/plantclinic...I've learned they are notoriously hard to keep alive and well. Too much sun. Too little sun. Too little water. Too much water. AH. Well, I will try my best! Hopefully this one will make it. (Also on a semi-related note...I KILLED MY HERB SEEDLINGS! months back. I think I overwatered them. Sad...Killed them with my love T_T)

After the rain over the weekend, it's been unusually cold! :( Like dipping 40 and below daily. It's so annoying..it made the flowers on my hydrangea wilt a bit. I'm really bummed and unsure how to fix it (if there is even a chance at doing so...) In the meantime, I put them in the garage where it's warmer. No sun...but hopefully it helps more than it hurts.

In better news, sprouts started appearing in my herb planter! I'm excited and honestly surprised that they are growing because there were a couple of days that I completely forget to spray them to keep the seeds somewhat moist. I've had to pull them away from the windowsill but I'm using a growlight in place of the sun until it starts getting warm again (hence the weight lighting in the photo.)

Today was spent at the garden store hunting for some cute gardening gloves that would fit. I had to compromise and get a pair that we just okay but they fit well. The struggle of having small hands, I guess. My hydrangeas are looking beautiful! I love it when it nears Spring time down here, all the flowers bloom. It makes me so happy on my drive home every day to see the bright pink azalea bushes lining the streets. So beautiful! I really want to plant some azaleas of my own. Anyways, we got gloves and some shears and shovels to pull up the bushes that came with the house. They are so ugly..so they will replaced with flower bushes soon! I can't wait until this project is finished so I can take nice pictures.

I finally got around to starting my windowsill herb planter! It's going to take a couple months for the seeds to fully germinate. Fingers crossed it goes well! I hope they get enough sun. It was also watering day (or bath day as I like to call it) for my plants. Seeing them healthy and strong makes me so happy! My pothos is about to start trailing and I can't wait!

Poopy took me to the local outdoors store to buy me some plants or flowers to cheer me up. I was pretty indecisive when it came to choosing some flowers (but now that I think about it, I want to go back and get the little bunch of daisies and lavender.) I ended up going home with a new ivy and a cute little planter. I still haven't started my herb garden even though I have all the seeds ready. I will try to gather the energy to do something with it this weekend.

Went out to buy some new houseplants but unfortunately the local nursery was closed! So we went out to Lowe's instead. Nothing really caught my eye until I came across a Calathea roseopicta Dottie. This is such a cute and attractive plant, deep green foliage with stripes of pink (which of course caught my eye!) I've had a few other types of calatheas in the past, and from waht I can remember, they like to be pretty moist and love the sun. So this is a good purchase imo, because I'm trying to be more active in the hobbies and interests I used to have.

I was hoping to find a few other plants, but right now it's that weird transitional time of year where it's too cold in the mornings but pretty warm in the afternoons so I don't think there will be much plant variety until it warms up signficantly. Most of the plants I came across were pothos and snake plants, which I already have. A lot of tropical type plants too (like the Monstera and Calladium) but I am not too interested in those. I did end up picking up a windowsill herb kit! (Sweet Basil, Oregano, Parsley, Sage, Thyme & Cilantro) Hopefully I will carve out some time this week to get the seeds ready and planted. It takes about 3 months for the herbs to be ready for harvest, so the sooner I start the better!

Plant Inventory

My little collection of plants. I am aiming to get back to owning a plethora of them! I used to own near a hundred, a lot of them I propagated myself.
Hover over the images for some words!

Dracaena trifasciata Also known as a Snake Plant. This started off as one little sprout that came from a larger and much older plant. Sadly, the mama plant died when I moved from a high-light to a low-light house a few years ago but I'm very happy this little piece of it is still alive and thriving. This is a very sentimental plant, tbh and makes me think of overcoming harder times.
Epipremnum aureum Also known as Golden Pothos or Devil's Ivy. I used to have a pothos that trailed for at least five feet, so I'm patiently waiting for her to grow big and strong like my previous one. This is the first plant I bought when we bought our new home. Very easy to care for!
Calathea roseopicta Dottie I don't have much to say about her yet besides the fact that she's a beauty! I love the size and color of the leaves. I asked Poopy to name her and he decided on "Rasputin." Weird...but I guess that's her name now.
Hemigraphis alternata Also known as the Purple Waffle Plant or Red Ivy. This is a tropical plant that prefers bright light and humid, moist conditions. Makes sense considering this is a plant native to Indonesia! The purple coloring and crinkly leaf texture makes this one unique for sure. A pretty new addition to my indoor garden, I can't wait to see how she grows!
Hydrangea Also known as the Hortensia. One of my favorite flowers! She is a little bit delicate, and can't really stand the strength of the Florida sun (the flowers wilting pretty quickly...I know from experience.) I have two, which are kept in the shaded area of my backyard. I love the flower clusters of this plant, so beautiful.
Raven ZZ Zamioculcas One of my favorite houseplants that I own right now. The Dowon is known for their dark black beautiful shiny leaves. A bit of a rare plant (took me a while to hunt down!) though, it is becoming easier to find in plant nurseries. A very low maintenance guy that is equally as striking.


I love indoor & outdoor gardening. This is where I will talk a bit about my plants, as well as post pictures of them and whatever neat little planters & pots I find. I would like to successfully start a veggie planter box this year!

goal: start my indoor & outdoor garden again since 99% of my plants did not survive the move in 2018 :c

future goal: start a small plant clipping exchange club