lapin's photo log


my african irises bloomed. reminder to self: add to my garden page..i keep forgetting..


beautiful flowers from my poopy!


Spent the morning bird watching. It was so relaxing.


feeling nostalgic and looked through old pictures this morning. love my dad (the barret to my marlene c:) right after seeing this pic, he called me randomly just to say "i love you!" funnily enough. love you too, dad.


part of the gift package sent by my sister! i dont want to use this pen u_u


an antique valentines day card that i really regret not buying u_u found at at antiques mall the next town over




a late christmas gift from my coworker (a new mom! she was working on her crocheting skills for her baby ♥) i really love homemade gifts. hello kitty's lumpy head is so endearing to me...on her neck is a charm bracelet with my name on it (i blurried it out for instagram n_n)

addicted to gachapon 5ever

a giant silk moth came to visit my house! an omen for good luck!

roat trip necessities. pip and my giant water cup

artery clogging food. couldnt finish my plate!

hotel lobby

at the fox theater Marquee Club

some cute recent buys

silly hat

donuts & chai at our fave place

cutest car passengers

best gift ever. homemade grimoire weiss sketchbook from poopy. too scared to draw in it tbh!

a homemade phonecharm by my beloved sees!!!

we carved halloween pumpkins. wanna do it again!

DC trip

lunch by the water

pier walks with koya

pip. my baby

bday cake. was very sweet

library of congress

my angel


bay kayaking in my kayak that i dubbed "The Mighty Moogle"

christmas window display from when i used to be a window/boutique dresser

ruby falls