favorite mugs
Favorite notes: Citrus / bergamot / vanilla / light / sweet
Unfavorites: Smoky / heavy / cinnamon / bitter / grassy / floral
Teas to try: any Marriage Freres tea!!! Dongsuh Brown Rice Green Tea, Spice and Tea Exhange: Creme Brulee
Tea Thoughts

New English Earl Grey Tea
I bought this 100% overpriced at a World Market randomly. Honestly, I got it because I thought the tin packaging was really cute, and thought about how I could reuse it as a planter or as a vase for tulips. It's a fine tea, your run-of-the-mill earl grey. Nothing special, but it tastes good with a splash of milk and sugar so I can't complain.

GINO Lavender Milk Tea
A lavender flavored milk tea that doesn't have too much of a floral taste. I'm not a fan of strongly floral teas because it feels like I'm drinking perfume. This one is pretty good but I don't think I will buy it often, mostly because I have a ton of other teas in my pantry. Do not use too much water or this one will taste very weak, as this is a powder and not tea leaves or a teabag.

Royal Milk Tea
Another milk tea in powder form. This one is just okay, but I highly prefer the canned versions. This one tastes like milk, but I wouldn't say it has a creamy flavor. For some reason, the powder version tastes more floral than citrus-y to me.

Harney & Sons Paris
My favorite easy-access black tea. It smells really good and has a nice, light flavor. Adding a bit of cream and sugar to it makes it feel like a dessert. There are notes of vanilla, caramel, and bergamot (my favorite!)

Harney & Sons Earl Grey Supreme
A stronger earl grey tea made with a blend of black and oolong teas. This one is pretty aromatic and I enjoy the smell a lot. Though, I don't find that it has a really strong bergamot flavor. I also really love the packaging of these teas.

Harney & Sons Victorian Fog
This black tea is delicious! It has notes of vanilla and lavender. The smell that comes from the citrus oil and lavender is divine! I drink this with steamed milk. I feel like it has a stronger bergamot flavor compared to the other Harney & Sons tea that I've tried.

Dongsuh Roasted Barley Tea
This is a Korean tea I received in a gift box from my dear sees! ♥ This tea is delicious and I drink it nearly every night. It has a toasted and a nutty, grain flavor that kind of tastes caramel-ish if you add honey to it. I wouldn't reccommend this one to people that are new to asian types of tea though because you might get turned off by the earthy, roasted flavor.

OSULLOC Honey Pear
As soon as I opened the box, the aroma of the tea hit me. It smells insanely good, and nostalgic to me. It kind of smells like the Marukawa gum my mom used to buy me as a kid. Strong honey and pear smell. Does not need sugar at all! The flavor is light and refreshing, with a natural sweetness to it. I enjoy this one very much. Definitely will repurchase!

Harney & Sons Cherry Blossom
Green tea with cherry notes in it, supposedly. I did not taste any cherry, this just tasted like a light and weak green tea to me. I wasn't impressed and the flavor was just okay. I would not repurchase.

OSULLOC Tangerine
It smells better as a teabag! Not saying that once it brews that it stinks or anything, just that the delicious tangerine aroma weakens enough that I had to sniff really hard to smell it lol. This tea is light, the citrus notes not strong at all which kind of disappointed me! It's a decent enough tea but I don't think I will repurchase this flavor.