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Floriography is the historical practice of cryptological communication: hidden and secret messages conveyed through flowers. Casually referred to as "the language of flowers," it gained popularity during the 19th century, in Victorian England and North America. It was used in many different cultures across the globe, during different time periods, though it is noted to have origins traced back to ancient civilizations that associated certain flowers with particular gods and myths. Floriography is still used to this day by florists and flower enthusiasts.

Floriography assigns specific meanings or emotions to different types of flowers and plants. A single flower can convey a simple sentiment or a combination of flowers can be used to convey a particular message. The more flowers added in an arrangement, the more complex the message. Because of this, floral arrangements have been used as ciphers (secret & covert means of communication, requiring decoding to understand) in the past, and probably, still to this day. The most popular flower meanings in the modern day are usually those associated with Valentine's Day thanks to marketing: red roses for love, yellow roses for friendship, white carnations for purity, etc.

I am someone who has always loved flowers and plants since I was a young girl. I love them so much I have them tattooed on my body! Of course, all with particular meanings. I have peonies that accompany my parents' birthdays: good relations, love, and honor. My lilies nestled amongst a wolf and a bird (that hold particular meaning to me, too): rebirth, life, new beginnings. Gladiolus for strength. As the old saying goes: "A picture is worth a thousand words" and I think the layer of knowing that each flower has a special meaning adds to the inherent beauty of blooms.


day Oct 2023
Page finally uploaded and filled out after weeks of tinkering! Added some flower meanings and flower adopts. I plan on adding new flower meanings with each new batch of adopts I add.

Thank you for checking out my new page!

credits: side art by kira imai


Peonies (General):

Ephemerality, bashfulness, beauty, wealth and abundance, bravery and honor, healing, and eternal love.

Peonies (Coral):

Elegance, good fortune, prosperity, success, and strong relationships.

Peonies (Pink)

Affection, good luck, prosperity, happy marriage.

Peonies (Purple):

Royalty, nobility, dignity, admiration, respect, and romance.

Peonies (Red):

Respect, passion, love. Alternatively: joy, beauty, royalty.

Peonies (White):

Bashfulness, sorry/apology, shame.

Peonies (Yellow):

Happiness, warmth, and friendship. Alternatively: new beginnings and prosperity.

Rose (General):

Romance, love, beauty, courage, perfection.

Rose (Pink):

Admiration, gentleness, sympathy and grace.


Divine hope, purity, fidelity, dedication, love.


Love, longevity, resilience, lost love.


Affection, friendship, endurance, and passion.


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