lapin's hobby log


welcome to my hobby log.

this is where i put pictures, notes, and ramblings about all the artsy craftsy hobbies i am into! separate from my art diary and garage kit log because i am annoying and like having 500 pages on my site ψ(`∇´)ψ

most of my hobbies veer into the creative side. i really enjoy making and creating things!


07.12.23 layout updated!

04.14.23 page created

to-do list

  • make a bead/charm inventory page
  • cherub themed phone case
  • make a sticker binder
  • phone charm
  • repair major kusanagi's leg ;~;
  • buy a 3D printer! print neat things.
  • custom OC doll (one day..)

themes i like:

  • pink / black / gold / milk beads
  • soft pastels
  • crosses, roses, flowers in general
  • cute animals
  • sweets deco

shopping list: sweets cabochons, bunny and cow cabochons, new clear cases


Ally was kind enough to share some of her deco wisdom with me after my last post...I finally got some time on Saturday to stop by the hardware store and pick up some silicon to try it out! And it worked out FAR better than the premade stuff ^_^ I'm super excited to decorate more things. I even bought a plain LED compact to stick cute charms on because I am annoying and extra like that.

I really want to buy more charms but I have decided on using up what I have now before I do so. The temptation is so great...but I'm really trying my best not to go nuts. The next theme I plan on basing a phone case around is gothic lolita, so it's going to be black and white, with lacing details and some roses!!


i made some hairclips last night because i am a procrastinator and should have been working on something else!! i used to have these really cutesy hairclips as a kid that had my name on them. my mom got them for me when she went on a trip back home and i loved them so much!!!! totally kawaii. but they did not last throughout the years and eventually the charms fell off because they were just cheap little things. so i decided to try and make something similar....and they turned out....okay...

the letters are crooked and its actually driving me nuts but thats what i get for never planning things out lmao! i think i will make some new ones and see if will like them more. currently waiting on some black and dark colored cabochons and beads to arrive in the mail first, though because 90% of the time i wear black so i'd like to have clips that will match my lame fits! :^)


my car was in the shop on the first, so i had a day off! i was going to play ff16 all day, but i decided to be a little productive with my other hobbies. i decided to make a charm for my sister! she told me she wanted a phone charm to match her case (blue butterflies.) luckily, i had a few different types of butterfly beads at my disposal. i was also trying to sort through all my beads and take photos for the bead inventory that i would like to get done eventually, but i was so overwhelmed. i also need to buy more boxes for my beads because the ones i ordered filled up quickly!

i was feeling brave and decided to try making a phone case with decoden whip. it turned out okay. im treating it as practice because i want to use the charms my nonnie gifted me for my birthday...but i refuse to have them on an ugly case LOL. the whip i used dried pretty stiff (which i don't like) so i'm going to see if i can make my own. i really want to do a pastry themed case. i even bought brown bears and rabbit cabochons to match. i'm thinking of adding cute biscuits and stuff.

i will go in with a much more solid plan, because i totally just winged it with this one!! it was supposed to be candy themed. there are little gummy bears in it. i meant to use a large gummy bear phonegrip to make it all come together but i wussed out at the last second...i was worried i was going to mess it up! i hate not immediately being good at things i try T_T


sunday i wanted to take a small chunk of time to do something fun and creative that wasn't drawing, so i finally decided to make a phone charm! it was quite relaxing, and i had a lot of fun digging through my beads and charms trying to decide on a theme. unsurprisingly i went with pink and a cross (~ ̄▽ ̄)~

it turned out very cute! i happened to drop it before securing it (of course...) and had to restart at one point lol. i'm planning on making a couple of charms for my sister and my friend, but i think i will go with a keychain or purse charm next!


my sticker haul arrived today. the theme? i guess just cute stuff in general. lots of pinks. i also got some very pretty gold-foiled stickers that includes things like flowers, butterflies, gears, and clocks. i wanted to use these for scrapbooking or a bullet journal or something but no matter how many times i try to start a physical journal with the purpose of being aesthetically pleasing, i maybe do one or two pages and then give up lazily.