My Room

this page is dedicated to the room that is lovingly called my gremlin cave! this is where i will be sharing pictures and cataloguing various things that i collect. have fun peeking into my garbage pile!! ♥



February Shelf Updates

Just a small update! Got the Dark Souls and Zelda shelves up. The chibi Sif and Abyss Watchers arrived too. Aren't they cute? The background is different behind these display cases because these are in the other room that we are working on!

January Gets & Rambling

Some recent arrivals! The pics lighting is so bad because it's been extra grey lately. I was trying to wait for the sun to come out to take some nice pictures but no luck for a few weeks!

Anyways Chifuyu finally came in and now my Bajifuyu shelf is complete. (My guilty pleasure..."toxic" BL shonenshit ships :3c) It's a cheap lil mini shrine, filled with prize figures, and acrylic stands/keychains. I wasn't interested in something spendy because I'm not too invested in Tokyo Revengers anymore.

A random pink Power Armor from Fallout. I saw it posted in the Women of the Wasteland FB group and you know me....if it's pink, I gotta buy it. I'll probably stick her on my shelf that has Dva and a pink Ghost from Destiny. Bring Arts Tifa and my Demon Souls figma are still in their boxes. (I've been lazy!) He's going to go in some display shelves in a room that Poopy and I are currently working on. Painting walls and trim takes so long but I can't wait to show off the extra display room once it's done! It's going to have all the Souls figures (minus my Bloodborne stuff.) I'm thinking about moving my Berserk/Guts stuff there too. Why another room for display stuff? This new room is going to have spaces for armor-making and other cosplay/ren fair crafts. Kinda unrelated, but I'm thinking about making a page for all the stuff that Poopy and I make! It'll mostly be his stuff though because he is so good at making armor...I just do the silly stuff like make his tunics and whatnot. Oops my finger slipped and I've already started coding it ^_^

Another Nanamin figure. His forearms are nice and muscled/veined but the photo quality is so bad you can't see it!!!! I'll have to make sure to take a nicer picture when I get around to photographing each figure I own. Anyways his shelf is SO crowded...I don't know what to do LOL. Especially since my sister posted a pic of her recent shopping haul from Don Quijote on instagram. I peeped some Nanamin keychains, stationary, and other goodies that I'm assuming are for me T_T ♥ Honestly the longer I look at this shelf, the more it looks like ass so I guess the next time I dust and clean my display cases, I need to reorganize it. Maybe I need to devote another shelf to him on my bookcase. Or maybe stick the newest Nanamin on the cubby that has my shitty Gojo and Utahime prize figures. 😵

Recent Gets

A little recent mail haul! Dejiko is still trapped in her box (I will set you free this weekend..). I bought her for nostalgia. I'm hoping there will be a Rabi~en~Rose release. Maybe I missed it? I haven't really been keeping up with figure announcements and pre-orders lately. Not that I've lost interest, but lack of space and my attention going to other hobbies definitely has a part in it. For a while though, I was checking updates every day, multiple times a day (not so healthy I guess!?) but to be honest, I'm glad I've cut back quite a bit.

The Pyramid Head popup parade is surprisingly lovely! Very good details for the price, and the paint job looks great. Now I can't say the same for the Utahime prize figure. She looks quite shit to be honest LOL but I always like getting some kind of merch for the characters I like (diagnosed side character lover who never gets good merch T_T) Anyways, I'm going to have to take some pics of Pyramid Head-san and Bubble Head Nurse together. Right now, they are sitting on my Bloodborne shelf, which doesn't look bad but I'd like to begin a shelf just for Silent Hill. (I really want to get a Heather figure or statue since she had a huge impact on me as a teenage girl a billion years ago!)

I also got some Vocaloid Hatsune Miku Series Window Figure Collection gacha boxes because I thought the design was really charming, as someone that spends a lot of time on my PC and online.

So cute, right!? I've only opened one so far and got Luka (my favorite ♥). The rest of the boxes are waiting on my shelf...I'm unsure if I want to open them, or gift them/give them away. A small part of me wants to run some kind of low effort contest or raffle because I have plenty of unopened figures and blind boxes sitting around....I only have so much space! But tbh I can't find a (large) community I like enough to do something like that for 🧍‍♀️

2024 I'm going to really curate my figure collection. I've already cancelled a handful of orders (like the puri connect figure I mentioned in the last entry) and finished paying off 90% of my pre-orders. Sometime soon I'm going to go through what I already have and probably resell some things, and gift a few to my sister.

TO BE HONEST!!! I am not totally doing this for the sake of cutting back........I'm really interested in custom OC plushies and bjds right now...........😔🔫

Recent Gets

It's that time! Mail day. I got the Bring Arts Cloud figure finally. I had to buy it because of the OG design. Lapin never reading measurements strikes ;v; He's waaaay smaller than I thought he was going to be. Box cutter for scale. At the end of the day, I guess it works out because I don't have a lot of space left on my FF7 shelf (I had to move Sephi and Vincent to my game shelf a while ago because Cloti overtook the shelf in my detolf display!)

Anyways. He's a decent lil figure for the price. He doesn't look too cheap so that's nice. But he's also articulated (which I hate because I can't pose figures...they all end up looking like this: 🧍‍♂️🧍‍♀️) I didn't take any nice photos of him yet though because he's still in the blister packaging on my desk. I've been real lazy lately.

A couple of random gifts that I wasn't expecting to receive! Anya and Bond (so cute!) and...Bakugo.......Poopy got him as a surprise for me, insisting I needed to have Deku's frenemy with the gang. But I kinda hate Bakugo (😭) I guess for completionist reasons I'm glad to have him but I also want to flick his tiny, angry face.

I haven't written about what I'm waiting on in the mail/pre-ordered so I'll make a quick list:

Hatsune Miku Fashion Figure (Subculture Ver.)

What can I say? I am a complete sucker for Miku dressed in IRL fashion subcultures. I was pleasantly surprised by how nice she turned out. Prize figures are known for looking kind of cheap, so I wasn't expecting too much but she looks very cute! The paint job is very neat and the sculpting is nice too. I also didn't expect the printed base.

She is a little smaller than expected but I never check the dimensions of the things I buy..;;

A small update on my Maria statue: I finally moved her out of the library and into my room when the display table I bought for her arrived. Poopy surprised me with some spotlights! I can't decide on whether I like the pink or blue more. I might just switch between the two depending on my mood!

Lady Maria - CorgiProGkit Studios

My beloved Maria finally arrived! This is my first resin statue. I always told myself that I would never buy one...but when Poopy said he would buy her for me as a gift, how could I turn it down? Lmao! I knew that buying a resin statue would unlock the consoomer beast in my heart so I always avoided it...but I really could not pass up finally being able to preorder a statue of a character I adore from one of my favorite video games ever. But yeah. I definitely preordered another resin statue...oops.

I will say though, that the size of these things really will limit how many I can buy. Lady Maria is about 82cm/32in tall. To really put it into perspective, I am only 152cm/60in yeah, she's huge! I can understand why she's so big though, the details are insane.

Some Highlights:
♦ the box was huge, and packed amazingly secure with heavyduty foam

♦ beautiful baroque print box with gold letters

♦ a certificate of authenticity plus a medallion designed after the astral clocktower. i own number 195 out of the 300 statues made!

♦ gloves came included for handling/assembling

♦ she came with two different heads. one that is more stylized (the one i have displayed right now) with larger eyes and a more dolly face. this one looks closer to the game model imo. the other one is more realistic. i forgot to take a picture but here is an example. I will probably switch between the two randomly.

♦ both heads have beautiful glass eyes!

♦ there are extra parts, like an extra hilt and a hand if you don't want her to hold her firearm but instead hold the Rakuyo separated.

I am thoroughly in love with the care and detail put into this statue. I am always pleased when my favorite characters get amazing merch. I've already seen resellers mark her up to $1,000 USD so I am happy that I nabbed her at preorder price ($600 not including shipping rip 😭)

Recent Purchase Roundup

All cheaper figures with the exception of A2 and the pinkish vers Pure Neemo doll. I also finally received my Tifa Zine! Worth the wait, it was made with so much love and care...I really loved everything in the bundle. (I think I'll add more details and whatnot to /lockedheart whenever I feel the motivation to work on my media shrines again.) I also had random gacha and blindboxes come in through the mail but I will add those to /gachapon when I can remember or have the motivation to.

I tried being patient and wanted to wait to make this post once my $600 Lady Maria resin statue came in but..welp. I think she will get a post of her own! Hoping she arrives sometime this week as she's been floating around the ocean for a couple months.

Anyways, I recently revamped /myroom a little bit. I simplified posts (removed the tables with the values, links, etc.) because I just found it a big pain in the butt to deal with. I think now with a simpler entry style to this log, I will be more willing to post updates. I also want to go and (re)take individual photos of each figure I own and add them to the "pinned" collection post but..ah..that's so much work.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake - Cloud Strife

Yay! Cloud finally arrived. I don't really have much to say about this figure...I didn't expect his sword to be so big (even though it's common sense. I am also still really bad about checking measurements...Anyways, I think his sculpting is okay. There's something about his face I don't love, it kind of looks like he's wearing makeup?? But I'm happy to have a figure of him in SOLDIER gear! My FF7 shelf is so full right now, so I think I will take a day to empty out all of my shelves and redo it all!

Decorating Melty's Shelf

Not a new figure but my Sumikko Gurashi Cake Shop miniature complete set came in, and of course I had to immediately open everything and put them on a shelf. I bought these months ago with the intention of having a sweets shelf shortly after I ordered Melty and pre-ordered this Honkai Elysia figure. I'm very happy with how it turned out! It's so cute! Though, I'm rethinking the lighting setup on this particular case this was set in--the LEDs are towards the back, so IRL and in photos it casts a dark shadow on my displays. Makes it very hard to photograph, and also...I just feel like it doesn't fit the vibe of the figures (which are mostly Mikus, nendos, and other cute girls.) Maybe the backlit lighting would suit better my Berserk and random male FF figures (like Sephiroth and Vincent) but sadly, the shelves on this unit are too small to fit them T_T

I guess I'll shop around and see what I can find that's not an LED strip. But I really hate dealing with wiring....

Shingeki no Kyojin - Levi - Artfx J

I completely forgot that I ordered these a while ago! These two Levi figures took a long time to arrive as I chose Sea Saver shipping for them. Both arrived nicely, the shipping box sturdy and well packed. I had trouble with putting these together honestly because all ODM wire things all looked the same....Took me wayyy longer to get set up than it should have but whatever!

The tree Levi figure is kind of awkward to take a photo of because of how his body is twisted in an action pose. It looks very cool and is definitely unique, so I'm pretty pleased with him. The Fortitude figure (the bloodied one) is SO beautiful. NGL I bought this one purely because he looked bloodied and beat up :3 There's just something about beat up 2D men....♡

Xenosaga - Kos-Mos

Waifu brainrot ♡ KOS-MOS is another character that I've loved for years, since I was a teen. Maybe I'm biased but these figures are beautiful! The sculpting of all her intricate details is so well done and pretty, I love spending time just staring at her.

Vampire Miku

Not gonna lie...I just bought her because she is cute and dressed in girly kei. I don't particularly like the DECO*27 song she's based on but I can never pass up character figures that are dressed in specific JFashion styles.

(Shining Hearts) Melty de Granite - 1/8

She finally arrived! I chose to get ther via sea saver shipping to see how long it would take and if the nearly $30-$50 difference in shipping price would be worth it. It took about three months to get stateside, and the shipping box was pretty much perfect. I expected it to be beat up a little bit, but it was fine and the figure box within was in perfect shape due to SOLARISJP's immaculate packing. So was sea shipping worth it? I think so! Or, at least for figures that I am not foaming at the mouth to have right this instant. In the future I will probably use it more. As an exercise in patience.

Now, onto Melty's details. She is so stinkin cute! Her sculpting is fantastic for how "old" this figure is, the detail in her hair and the ruffles in her hat and dress are very pretty. Her pose is one of the cutest I've seen with her sitting on an ice cream cone. And the base is just as cute, it's a plate with a cute little stamp of her familiar on it. Melty's color scheme is right up my alley. The only slightly negative thing I have to say is that she lacks in shading, so in some areas she may look a little flat, but that's something I am willing to overlook because this figure is to my taste, a cute dark & pastel witch with a sweets motif.

(Original) Raqel - 1/6

Isn't she cute!? She's from 2011, and was one of my Holy Grail items that I was really fiending to get. I finally broke down and ordered her after a while. I wasn't going to because I'm starting to run out of space in my room, and the space that IS available is set aside for other releases this year but you know...I couldn't help myself. So right now, I've just thrown her on top of a shelf but I plan on moving her into a lighted one soon because her outfit is dark, so it's hard to see the details without any lighting.

I am a sucker for gothic and girly designs. My favorite design points for her are her cute platform heels and the headdress. I also love the checkered floor base and the mirror. The only thing I hate is that when you view her from a certain angle...All you can see is BOOTY CHEEKS. I don't wanna have to explain that to my mom.

(NieR: Replicant) Emil Nendoroid

Baby boy!!!!! I finally got my hands on him. He is my child I love him so much. I was crushed by [REDACTED] in NieR. I'm so happy he's mine now. I missed out on the pre-orders and couldn't find him secondhand for a decent price for a bit because of scalpers getting rich off of the Automata hype. I got lucky when I found him for sale randomly at retail price. His nendo is cute (imo!) But it was kind of hard to maneuver his cloak without his arms popping out or the cloak itself shifting. Probably the hardest time I've had with a nendo. Despite drawing and having other hobbies that require nimble fingers, I always have a time with nendos.

He comes with a tiny lil Lunar Tear flower, and some extra hands and arms that I absolutely did not want to deal with. One day I'll get better at dealing with nendos.

(Boku no Hero Academia) Toga Himiko - 1/7

She finally came in after being delayed like twice! This Himiko Toga figure is SO cute, I love that she's perched on a pile of stuffies and other cute stuff. I didn't realize that the chains were...actually chains so I had to drape them around the figure myself. It was a little hard because I'm pretty clumsy with my fingers. She came with an extra faceplate of her just smiling :) but it was boring and I like her weirdo face more.