jotting down my adventure into the garage/model kit hobby as a shitty newbie. ugly progress pictures to follow.

warning:may be picture heavy!

06.25.23 FE3H: Dimitri Blaiddyd Kit

He's already on the shelf because I wanted to see how he would fit in!

it's been like 10 years since i even thought about this hobby. admittedly, i havent gotten more supplies...i was a little disheartened after finding out that the other kits i had purchased were fake!! T_T but randomly scrolling on twitter like a month ago, i came across someone posting pictures of their Dima model that just arrived. and you know..i just had to impulsively buy it on the spot. i often complain to my sister that all the dimitri merch tends to be student!mitri...and while i like him, ofc i love feral!mitri more. his timeskip design is so handsome LOL i love his armor and long hair and eyepatch so much...dlkmf

ANYWAYS, this is an unofficial fanworks model. i have to look up witch patreon the print file came from but i bought him off of a printshops ebay so i didnt have to worry about buying a 3D printer or finding a local place to do it. it took about 3 weeks to arrive, i guess because of the time it took to print and also, the seller sanded him and everything for me, so all that's left to do is paint!

initially, i was going to commission a JP figure kit painter to do it for me but the quoted price was like $2k usd. and like. i know i have spending problems but even i was like no way! T_T then, i looked at western painters and the good ones were booked up, so all that was left were hobbyists that did amateur-ish jobs (no offense... obv i cant do it either lmfao) soo i was like, why pay someone hundreds to do an OK job when i can do it myself for free...

but i'm really scared of messing him up so i will practice on the bootlegs that are rotting away in my closet! maybe soon i'll start practicing. hopefully i'll remember to take pictures of my progress

00.00.23Chitocerium LXXVlll: Working on my first Model Kit
  • take pics of box and contents
  • take pics of pieces laid out
  • take a couple progress pics
  • pic of finished product!
  • blurb: accidentally bought a model kit and didnt realize it until too late. make note of time spent building her (probably hours ngl) my thoughts on the process and if i liked it
03.05.23 Material List

after watching a few videos on the GK hobby...i have realized that i severely underestimated what i will need for this hobby !!!! so before i can even get to the fun stuff i have to put together and order a list of materials and tools :c so what's on my shopping list?

this will take me a while to gather (┬┬﹏┬┬)

02.28.23 Starting a New Hobby: Bloodborne & Asuka Gothic.

finally bit the bullet and ordered two garage kits. i've been dying to try this for years, plus some of the most interesting figures (to me) are garage kits anyways so it was just a matter of time..
i ordered the bloodborne hunter bust (specifically marked EASY for beginners.) i chose it because my hunter figma is a tiny manlet next to my eileen the crow, so i wanted a piece that will show off more details and i am 1000% too cheap to order a Prime figure/statue (those easily cost like $2k USD so no thanks...)

i plan on making him look a lil more stinky and crusty than the demo kit. add some grit and blood splatter details to his weapon, glove, and bracer. i'm a little nervous about painting honestly, because even in all the art classes i've taken..painting was never my strong suit. but practice makes perfect! or so they say.

i ordered this asuka gothic lolita gk. the rei was sold out but i will get her too when she is available. i really think these are so cute, plus you can never have enough EGL inspired figures. i am thinking of doing white/black for the outfit or maybe even white/pink. im definitely not going to paint her hair orange though bc im a jerk and believe in dark or white hair supremacy. i'll probably also paint rei with a different hair color as well. so these are just gonna end up as oc paints i think lmao.

i ordered some putty and some paint brushes but i still need to get a airbrush thingy, some sanding paper, and the actual paints and primer. i have to do more research into what exactly i need but i will probably save that for a day when i'm feeling more focused and energetic. really hoping that when these kits arrive, that i actually do something with them and not have them rotting in my closet...