Doc Carrion

『 ...sharpened so just slices right through..! 』

  • Name: Carrion
  • Age: 100s
  • Gender: Male
  • Build: 5'9" / 175cm, Skinny
  • Species: Arthropodemon
  • Bug: Carrion Beetle
  • Occupation: Pathologist

impulsive . brainy . neurotic

Doctor Carrion is a beetle demon that works as a pathologist at the Hellfire General Hospital lab. He is fairly close with Milli, though he kind of treats her the way one would their own nervous yappy pet chihuahua. Carrion is very lackadaisical and whimsical in nature, quick to follow his own selfish whims. He is known for being deliriously happy, almost manic in his cheerfulness. It's actually a bit scary how much he smiles (not that the large fangs help!)

He is freakishly analytical despite his "cheery" nature, the two traits combined make for a very unsettling and offputting bug! Carrion is brilliant but only the truly mad can understand his thought processes and perspective.


  • Tbh I don't know what the heck tools pathologists use, I just thought he looked neat holding bonesaws and cleavers LOL. It's for the ~vibe~
  • He probably smells kind of bad.

Design Notes

  • Carrion has large fanged teeth and multiple scars. Scars are across his face and across neck with one on his upper lip as well.
  • He has beetle legs on his back. Can be drawn without them too, but I prefer it if he has them!
  • Can be drawn with a surgical mask on as well as wielding any type of mortician tool.
  • The light color in his hair are markings that mimick the coloring on the Carrion beetles shell, not lighting.


if anyone recognizes the bg please let me know the artist T_T i think i got it off toyhouse but didnt save the source like a dummy. ty...