Demeanor: Mischevious

Build: 5'3" / 160cm

Theme: Cannibal - Kesha

Species: Amanojaku; Oni known for provoking humans into acting upon the wicked, impious desires buried deep within their hearts.

Amano is an oni that takes on the form of a school girl to lure immoral men to their deaths. 👹

She is always smiling because she's just having so much fun!


  • Amano can be drawn without the eyeballs on her face/wings/body in oni form.
  • Her human form is hornless, tail-less, and wingless with unblemished skin. She retains her creepy sharp teeth, however.
  • She can change her appearance to look any age, though as the human world advanced with the age of the internet, Amano takes on the form of a schoolgirl most often so she can kill and eat the worst of society.
  • Amano is an edgelord and very mischevious so she has come up with endless ways of brutally torturing her prey.