And when Love speaks, the voice of all the Gods make Heaven drowsy with harmony.



'What once the heart owned and had, it shall never lose.'

Delphine is an angel of love who looks after broken hearts. She is known for her grim countenance and appearance, though it lies at odds with her distinctly sweet nature and sensitive heart. She is known as "Dark Cupid" by the other angels that look over the realm of love, because of her appearance and the fact that she oversees the sect of love that the others feel is the darkest: heartbreak.

She is often moved to tears by the stories of the humans in her charge, whether it's a familial, romantic, or a platonic loss of love. Delphine's strength lies in her empathetic and kind-hearted nature, and through divine forces she promotes the healing of her wards through self-love and positivity. On occasion she is assigned special divine orders to reunite soulmates that have separated.

Notes & Trivia

  • She can be drawn with or without large black wings, but please draw her head-wings.
  • she can be drawn without her hat and veil.
  • pls dont forget to include her makeup and septum ring
  • delphine is pear shaped with a small chest.
  • she can be drawn with yelena, her "co-worker" whom presides over Passionate Love




Species: Angel
Build: 5'6" / 167cm / Pear
Gender: Female
Realm: Love (Heartbreak)
Worth: $100
Theme: song