A handsome bull with a surly face. Diesel is shy, awkward, and gentle despite his cool, serious exterior. He is easily flustered and hates confrontation (if there are mistakes with his food orders, he gets Miruku to adress it with the server.) He likes metal, working out, black clothes and boba drinks. He has an insane sweet tooth, (just like Miruku) and can be seen scarfing down cakes and pastries often.

Diesel is one of the bouncers at the club, only excelling at the job because he's tall with a scary aura. Patrons are always shocked when they see the tender way he speaks to Miruku and how politely and reverently he treats his women coworkers.

He dreams of becoming a best-selling author one day.

design notes

  • His unstyled hair has his bangs on his face. Styled hair = parted (middle or side part)
  • He can be drawn without his septum and unstyled hair when he's in his lounge clothes.


profile art: @misterdestroyer