Dior Westwood



「 wwwwww it's kinda small isnt it?(^艸^) 」

species race rarity theme
suga creep vampire rare rose creme macaron
age height build season
22 5'3" slim spring

A vampire with a constant tummy ache because she would rather eat sweets than drink blood! Dior is a bit of a brat, sometimes snooty, sometimes moody...hot-headed and always looking for a fight. Her favorite hobby is picking fights on Sweeter™ (the Suga Creep version of Tw*tter) and shitposting misandrist memes on imageboards. She exhibits a very gremlin-like energy and tendency to hoard sweets.

Birthday Cake is her best friend! Dior would do anything for her—including creating digital smear campaigns on Sweeter™ against those who are even a tiny bit rude to her friend. Her motto is "Besties before testes!" and though Dior can seem a little sour to others, she is always sweet to her bff.


  • Dior is "asian-coded" even tho she's part of a fictional closed species. It just be like that.
  • Traits: Swirl Eyes, Multiple Wings, Icing Drip (Rose Crème)
  • Has cheek piercings in her alt outfit.
  • Her last name WESTWOOD comes from the iconic Vivienne Westwood.


Birthday Cake

Her bffl. 2 cute gals doing cute stuff together. (Owned by Sugarcult)


The jiangshi boy Dior likes to bully. They have a somewhat strained relationship because she likes to make him cry. Everyone thinks she likes him but who knows?




One of her neighbors in the apartment complex. They dont talk much but Dior thinks Trix is super cool