"Legend has it that when a distressed person pours a cup of tea, a Chaimi is born. Didn't you know that Chaimis are guardian spirits born from the essence of tea to help humans with their sadness?"


Gentle • Tender • Thoughtful

Soft-hearted and often weary, Etude is a Chaimi summoned from a musician's broken dreams.


my art

⚠⚠⚠ These OCs are pretty old and their art reflects that (i.e. old and ugly lol), please
excuse them until I can get around to drawing new references and illustrations! T_T

art by others


  • Broken: They remain lying at his sides pitifully, mocking him.
  • Monday Ritual: Baptiste smiles.
  • Carneval Blooming by 23oolong:“please, baptiste?” she asked, a hand going out to touch at his arm. étude was always so tactile, and her touch sent a pool of warmth spreading through his skin upon contact. “i’ve never been to one before, won’t you come with me?…”

    ah, he had lost in that moment.

  • La vie en rose by 23oolong: Epilogue to carneval blooming
  • je suis tombé sous ton charme by inquieta: Neither of them are sure how long they keep this up for, and if it wasn’t for the sound of the music box fading out - needing to be rewound - they may have stayed in the moment forever.
  • Wintertime Woes by foxofspades: Wintertime always seemed to bring down Baptiste’s spirits.

credits ♥


Brooding • Withdrawn • Jaded

Once a revered and well-traveled musical prodigy, Baptiste now lives a quiet and quaint life with his older brother Luc. Known for his skill in the piano and violin, concert halls were once filled with fans ready to be moved to tears by his beautiful playing. However, a devastating car accident the night of a concerto changed his life forever, as he lost the use of his fine motor skills as a result.

He is currently as close to an insomniac as one can be without proper diagnosis, and is anxiety ridden because of his unknown future. His anxiety and depression manifests as hunger loss and short bursts of explosive anger, causing him to look almost eerily thin with a dark, stormy expression on his face most of the time. Baptiste is in physical therapy, but refuses to see a counselor to deal with the mental scars that the accident and the subsequent aftermath have left on his psyche.

On one particular sleepless night, Luc gifts him a tea blend called "Clair de lune" jokingly, as a playful jab to his musical past. Still ever the tea lover despite his depression, Baptiste tries it and unknowingly summons the good-natured Étude.

  • Through his brooding, Baptiste has managed to isolate and alienate himself from everyone that has ever loved him. He has bouts of self-pity and resentment, as he based his self worth on the validation he received from playing music.
  • His first and only love until étude was music.
  • Baptiste has money saved up from his music career, althought it is not an exorbitant amount. He has always been kind of frugal, not one to buy flashy things for the sake of having them. Currently, he works from home now doing ENG/FR translation on his laptop.
  • He eventually wants to heal, taking the initiative to go to counseling. Although Etude helped dim the hurt in his heart, Baptiste fully decides on his own that he does not want to be stuck in a cage of regret and anger.
  • Once he has come to peace with his disability and learns that he is so much more, his disposition, though still serious as ever, becomes lighter, and he allows himself to be happy. Baptiste eventually quits his job as a translator, and returns to music as a composer, penning the very popular and enchanting "L'amour au clair de lune."
  • He confesses his feelings by gifting Etude a music box.


etude [ bonded, eventual lovers ]
he is her charge that she cares deeply for. they have a slowburn romance but a relationship doesn't bloom until he learns to love himself.

luc [ sibling ]
they were very close when they were young, however as baptiste has become quite withdrawn, he doesn't enjoy luc's outgoing shenanigans or sarcastic humor as he used to.


Name: Baptiste Dechamps

Nickname: Mon loup (my wolf)

Age: 27

DOB: May 12

Zodiac: Taurus

Nationality: French

Build: 5'10", Thin (currently)

Current Occupation:Translator

Demeanor: Sullen

Positive traits: dedicated, strong-willed, direct, honest, loyal, reliable, organized

Negative traits: can be inflexible and stubborn, uncomfortable with unconventional/new situations, prideful, has a difficult time relaxing & expressing emotion

Likes: stormy weather, cats, pastries, holding hands

Dislikes:crowds, opening up, disappointing people, his music career being brought up

design notes

  • He has high, sharp cheekbones and a nice jawline. Has slightly hooded eyes, a pretty handsome fellow.
  • Before the accident: Baptiste appeared very prim and proper, with beautifully straight posture and a serious, but not unkind expression. Fairly thin build, but overall healthy.
  • After the accident: His hair is grown out and his posture is slouched. His thin physique exudes that he is unwell, along with his sickly complexion and eye bags. Baptiste has a diagonal scar across his right cheek (starting from the chin up) and a jagged scar across his nose.

OC trivia

  • Vivaldi is his favorite violinist and composer, beccause he was considered innovative and progressive for his time (traits that Baptiste admires a lot.) Vivaldi's operatic, exuberant style conflicts with Baptiste's more somber appearance.
  • The night of his accident, he was to be the solo violinist in a performance of Vivaldi's Winter(Allegro non molto).' The collision was near fatal, he suffered nerve damage and a cranial fracture/brain injury, causing him to develop a lifelong essential tremor, as well as weak hands. The fractures in his legs healed over time with medical care, and he is able to walk thanks to the rigorous physical therapy he attends.
  • Despite his brooding air, he has a shockingly big sweet tooth and happily devours the treats Étude makes.
  • Baptiste is very touch-starved, and when he is more comfortable around Étude, he likes to hold her hand, no matter what it is they are doing.
  • Baptiste's lowest point was when he tried committing suicide but could not hold the razor steady due to the nerve damage in his hands, causing him to throw apart his room in a desolate rage much to Luc's horror. (This happens well before he meets Étude.)

Author's notes & trivia

  • Baptiste was originally created as a vent character when I was going Through It™ after sustaining leg injuries that kept me from pursuing my childhood career dreams 🙃 Initially he was just a sad boi all alone but waaay later (once I finally was feeling better) I came across a really cute closed species and created Etude for him to have as a partner! Completely mushy and saccharine, but their relationship was inspired by how my now husband helped me.
  • He is French only because Poopy is too lol! Most of my male OCs that I go nuts over are French (like Nathaniel) just because my husband is and I'm disgusting and fawn over him like crazy 🤪