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coveted by many because of his doll-like beauty, evangelisto's demeanor is also that of a doll—-stoic and unchanging, he seems to appear almost emotionless, though if you look closely, his eyes give away his thoughts and feelings. in his mortal life, evangelisto was a noble of the felicitas court, the son of an elite crownsguard tactician and an affluent politican. his family, falsely accused of conspiracy and sedition to cover the king's corruption, was sentenced to public execution. with the help of his parents, evangelisto was able to escape and hide away in a neigboring country, seeking harbor at a distant relative's estate.

rumor amongst his fellow corrupted cheruby is that the cause of evangelisto's death was suicide, but it's hard to imagine the ever-indifferent young man to have ever felt despaired enough to take his own life. however, unbeknownst to many, the rumor is true—behind his impassive countenance lies a tender heart.

it is said that evangelisto was chosen by the gods to serve in their war as a tactician because of his sharp mind and calculating sense, which he seems to have inherited from his mortal father. because of his phlegmatic nature, he is able to strategize with the most ruthless cunning, the loss of life on either side meaning nothing to him as long as victory is ensured. though loyal and devoted to his godly masters, he begins to feel like a pawn and an instrument to something much bigger than he can understand. fearful and unwilling to suffer the same unfortunate fate of his mortal parents—mere puppets thrown away after their purpose made redundant—he joins the cheruby rebellion as a master tactician amongst their ranks.

with their failure of an uprising, evangelisto fell to the mortal realm with his brothers-and-sisters in-arms. in this new metropolis, he lives a quaint life as a lore-keeper and teacher.

despite his detached demeanor, evangelisto is delighted by the things he finds beautiful—fine silks, exotic blooms, extravagant desserts, etc. his taste in clothing is shockingly provocative for one so reserved, preferring slinky dresses and leather skirts and shorts. he indulges himself in beauty and love, having an ever-changing roster of beautiful lovers both male and female. in spite of his quiet temperment, he is quite the passionate and intense lover.


  • His organic bridle is made of rose vine. The thorns press into Evangelisto's face sometimes causing injury and bleeding.
  • Inner ear pattern: roses