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hi hi hellooooo!!! welcome to MY WEB SITE!!!! i am the webcat of this place && your favorite streamer LEILANI!!! my favorite color is p u r p l e! i am high energy, high fun, high speed!!!

blog entries

01.XX.XX:dear diaryyy,

today was totally AWESOME. i finally got to talk to juno, the new bartender at work...*drools* they are SO totally hawt!!!

02.XX.XX:dear diary!

i cant believe i accidentally shoved juno into a trashcan!!! im going to DIEEE of embarrassment omgz!

03.XX.XX:dear diary,

wow i cant believe it!!! i finally reached 3000 subbies on PawToob!! im on my way to becoming an internet celeb 4reals! cant wait to tell my besties all about it <333


Leliani is a part-time waitress at the club. She streams her video game adventures when she's not at work...though she isn't the best, but that's why her audience loves her ♥ She likes japanese y2k cyber fashion, kawaii metal, electronica, and her dream is to be in an idol rock group one day!

Leilani is bright, exuberant, and very high energy! Her friends liken her to a kitten that never outgrew her hyper phase. Genuinely kind and happy-go-lucky, Leilani has never met a person that she cannot befriend!

credit: art by ophanimkei
mY BLOG!!!!

!about me!!

Species: Devon Rex Kemonomimi

Age: early 20s

Build: 5'2 / Average

Occupation: Waitress / Streamer

Likes: music (electronica/dance, kawaii metal), rhythm & dance games, sci-fi movies, licorice, y2k cyber aesthetics