name gender age species build demeanor
melody female teen undead petite lazy

Melody is Frankie's younger eccentric sibling. A lazy school girl with no ambition, Melody would much rather spend her days at the arcade playing rail shooters and fighting games. She also has an unhealthy addiction to gachapon machines and crane games. Melody has no interest in carrying on the family tradition of becoming a mortician, and is hoping that her brother will takeover the business so she can spend her days lazing about.

Melody has the habit of wearing a dead/stoic expression unless she's gaming, that's when her competitive (and smug) spirit and trademark cat smile come out! She also likes to annoy her brother by playfully flicking at the bones on his head.

She is a nightowl through and through. If you see her during the day, she usually has a canned energy drink in hand.


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