Name Miruku / Milky
Age 20s
Gender Female
Build 5'3" / Slim
Species Cow Kemonomimi
Occupation Bartender / Influencer

A part-time influencer that works nights bartending at the local host club on the ladies' floor. Miruku knows a lot of spiffy bartending tricks, getting lots of tips from her use of close-up and card magic. She has a custom pink & black card deck to match her aesthetic because why do something if you can't look good doing it? She's all about the aesthetic, baby!

Miruku is known to be endearingly ditzy and shares one brain cell with her boyfriend, Diesel.


Miruku is a bubbly young woman, confident and usually smiling. She had a typical childhood growing up in a loving family of four, she was never wanting for anything. Because of this, Miruku can be a bit bratty at times and needy for attention but don't let that fool you, she is 100% independent and tougher than she looks. She is not one to shy away from confrontation and can be a bit harsh when angered or threatened, especially if she feels that her loved ones have been slighted. Despite her courageous and (somewhat) loud nature, she is deathly afraid of bugs.

Miruku enjoys things that are stereotypically girly—shopping, makeup, fashion—but she also has a few bookish interests that she keeps to herself. Diesel and her sister, Ichigo, are the only ones privvy to that side of her.

Design Notes

  • She can be seen wearing green circle lens or in her natural eye color: black-brown (most often)
  • Miruku likes to wear her hair up, in twin tails, buns, etc. She doesn't like to wear it loose because she has such long hair, but does not want to part with it. She is never seen with her hair down, unless she's at home.
  • Likes to wear ryousangata / girly kei, high socks and fishnets, creepers and platforms, any kind chunky shoe.
  • Milky likes to wear Diesel's hoodie as lounge clothes.



  • Milky is the type of girl to get paid and go broke in the same exact day.
  • She has a sweet tooth! Her favorites include strawberry milk, strawberry & cream soda, and strawberry shortcakes.
  • She is very strict about appearing ~aesthetic~ so everything of hers, from outfits to home decor, is color coordinated.
  • Miruku never wears pants, long dresses, or non-platform shoes.
  • She doesn't like hard gothic styles, ott sweet lolita, or earthy and muted color tones.


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