(The Lady in White)

Name: Penelope Bishop

Title(s): The Lady in White or
The Lady of Misfortunes

Age: Ageless
(appears to be in her 20s)

Gender: Female

Build: 5'5" / 165cm / Slim

Species: Ghost (Onryō)

Demeanor: Cold

Man's World - MARINA
Mary Magdalene - FKA Twigs

(A woman's war, Unoccupied history)


Once a brilliant and clever young governess, Penelope is a vengeful ghost who goes after those who are self-righteous and chauvinistic. Unwilling to compromise her morals and standards while alive (never bending to the will of the men stationed above her), she was accused of being a witch and was wrongly executed.

So angered by her death, Penelope was unable to move on to the afterlife so she haunts the land of the living as The Lady in White, doling out punishments and misfortunes to those she deems unworthy.

She appears as a bloodied wraith with furied, vengeful eyes to those she haunts and as a sorrowful spirit emanating warmth and kindess (in contrast to her appearance) to women and children she wishes no ill-will.


  • She never settled down in her mortal life, happy with working and always learning.

  • Penelope was created because I wanted an Onryō OC: a ghost in Japanese folklore who comes back from purgatory because of a wrong done to them during their lifetime. Onryō are mostly women and often manifest themselves in physical rather than spectral form. Gaslight gatekeep girlboss, ladies!

  • She has no set ethnicity but can be drawn with eastern/mixed features if your style is semi-realistic.

  • 10000% inspired by P3 Chidori...

  • Not set in a particular timeline or world, but maybe an anime Victorian-ish setting with modern EGL aesthetics and clothes lol


  • Design reference Nicer one WIP.

  • Penelope can be drawn with or without claws, blood splatters/bleeding, or the dagger. Whatever suits your fancy.

  • 'Alive' design WIP!


Work in progress