species age build gender
devil immortal 5'5" / curvy female
demeanor occupation partner theme
rotten cosplaying neet Cosette Give Me Chocolate - BABYMETAL

Yuna is a spoiled and rotten devil who loves being cute. She is addicted to sweets and has quite the mischevious personality. Yuna speaks with a soft, lilting tone despite her ostentatious appearance. She's shockingly shy!

Her unemployed lifestyle of cosplaying and taking cute selfies is funded by her longtime human girlfriend, Cosette.


  • Yuna has braces with pink rubberbands.
  • She only wears pink!
  • Yuna enjoys kawaii metal.
  • She's currently living in the human realm. Why? She just wants to be with her gf, whom she loves a lot!


by devvryo
by ayanami
by kawli
by Bodyguard
by snaeks_
by Just_Jay


Commissioned Syringe pixel bg & pixel headshot by sugarcultco