Leonhardt, the Frenzied Scion

Melting Waltz - Abel Korzeniowski

With a sneer, Leonhardt's small, bloodied hands pluck a piece of Madame Arnaud off the fine sepia linen of his evening cloak. He flicks the piece of viscera in the general direction of Albus, who scoffs with a roll of kohl-lined viridian eyes. Straightening herself from her lean against the iron-wrought fence, she stretches, catlike, the line of her long and lean body backlit by the light of the glowing moon. She unceremoniously saunters to the raging boy's side, clicking her tongue in distaste.

"Are you satisfied now, dearie? That really was rather unbecoming of you."

Leonhardt bristles at her comment. The old hag clearly deserved it. Petulantly, he stomps his heel to the cobblestone path, and theatrically whips his cloak about. "I do not appreciate being treated like a child, especially by a human."

Ah, Albus thinks, as usual that was the cause of his infernal tantrum that predictably ended in carnage. "Well let us move along now, hmm? She made much too loud a noise, and the Hunters are well on their way, I'm sure." She says smoothly, wrinkling her pointed nose in disdain. Leonhardt seems unbothered, standing as still as the trees that litter the yard of the Arnaud Estate.

"Hm." He hums, eyes suddenly bright. "Let them come, I want to play."


Origin Race Age Sex Build
Ville des Corbeaux Vampire Unknown Male 5'4" / Average
Role Likes Dislikes Motifs MBTI
XXX Something Something Crows,blood XXXX
‘An eternal child, tell me... would that not also drive you mad?’

Spoiled, rotten, and unruly, Leonhardt is a mischievous "child" who often shows no remorse when he kills for sport. He is volatile and tempermental, the smallest of inconveniences setting him off into rages that can only be calmed with violence or destruction. When he isn't lashing out or being completely condescending, he is almost charming.

The resentment he holds from being Turned at fourteen has twisted him into the monster that he is today. Leonhardt is still very angry that he never got to grow into an adult and has spent entire lifetimes as a child. This long-lived fury has driven him mad.

He is not only Chroma's blood brother, but his brood-brother as well. Long ago attached at the hip, that tie is now severed as he is infuriated with Chroma, feeling abanoned by his decision to leave their brood. He would do anything to kill Bianco ("the human that stole Chroma away") but as unhinged as Leonhardt is, he would also be satisfied with ending Chroma's existence as well.


Born as Luma, Leonhardt hails from a working class family from the quaint city of Ville des Corbeaux in the Castessard region. The youngest of three siblings, Luma was always closest to the middle child, his brother Chroma. He was always a weak and sickly boy, saddled with a walking cane and feeble legs, a trait that has been said to come from his mother who passed away from plague sickness when he was a small child. His frail constitution caused him to have low self-esteem, however Chroma was the steadfast light in his life——always there for him, his sole comfort for as long as he could remember. With patient guidance and loving hands, Chroma took it upon himself to take care of his younger brother while their father and oldest brother put in many hours at the factory.

With their father overburdened with work, the cost of Luma's medications, the grief of losing his wife——and later, his eldest son——he turned to alcohol as a coping mechanism. His haze of anguish transformed into something wild and furious. The many scars on Luma's body came from the years of abuse he suffered at his father's hand.

On a night that seemed no different than any other, the Chroma and Luma took their nightly stroll despite the recent gossip and rumors of gory deaths occuring randomly in Castessard. Fate would have it that they would across a vampire. Chroma was able to fight it off eventually, but not before Luma was drained, slowly dying from bloodloss.

After being taken home, Luma was in a comatose-like state, sickly and pallid, hardly moving from his position in bed. Slowly over the course of a few days, he began the process of changing...and then with a sudden and painful death, he awoke as something of the undead, a curse, a monster——and yet, strangely enough, he had begun to feel truly alive.


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