Sura, the Fallen Crown

Empty Tone - Keiichi Okabe

With trembling hands, Sura grabs a handful of Gywn's white overcoat, mouth pulled into a small frown. Her crystalline eyes meet his for a brief moment before she looks away.

"Ah, excuse me," She clears her throat, embarrassed, her hands dropping to her sides. A concerned look flits over Gywn's fine features and he lifts a hand and places it reassuringly on her slim shoulder, bare and cold, exposed in her sleeping gown. Her room is quiet, still, as they stand basking in the candlelight of the many candelabra littered on the shelves and nesting tables that decorate her private quarters. Her hair glitters softly, illuminated by the moon peeking through the sea of tall trees, visible from the ornate arched window of her chambers.

"What it is, fluturaș?1" He asks, voice whispery soft——honeyed and warm. Sura' heart flutters at the gentleness in his tone, her chest filling with fond, unspoken feelings. With a bite of her lip, she dares to look up into his handsome face again and sees his amber eyes, bright, the straight line of his nose, the tender curve of his mouth and——yes, she decides and steels her heart, he will know tonight.

"I...I want you to stay. Please."

1; little butterfly


Origin Race Age Sex Build
Ylithia Half-Fae early 20s Female 5'6" / Slim
Role Likes Dislikes Motifs MBTI
Crown Princess Something Something Butterflies, the moon ISFJ-T
‘I am heir to nothing...An empire of rubble and ash...’

Sura is a half-blood Fae princess to a fallen kingdom, long forgotten. Sent away by the King and Queen before the seige and eventual slaughter of the Ylithian Kingdom, she was raised in a neighboring country, taken in by a noble family and treated as one of their own. To her knowledge, she is the last of the Fae-folk. Sura dreams of rebuilding her lands back into a prosperous kingdom, though she knows that is nothing but a fool's errand.

Passing mostly for human, Sura is able to live a normal human life with the Erwood family. She goes through efforts to ensure the small, half-formed wings she dons are concealed from view, though her taste in elegant and regal clothing certainly helps. The few Fae traits she inherited from her father are her nearly translucent blue eyes, and the moon-shimmer in her hair when exposed to moonlight.

Sura is gentle and kind, with a fiercely strong heart. Contrary to her timid appearance and soft-spoken timbre, she never backs down from a challenge. Childhood friend to Gywn, she has harbored secret feelings for him for many a year.


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