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Codename Name Age Sex Race Build
COUGAR Akihiro Shiratori 24 Male Japanese 5'7"/ Athletic
Role Specialty
Runner Infiltration, Hand-to-Hand Combat


Ill-tempered | Feral | Impudent

An exterminator that goes by COUGAR. Seemingly diminutive and timid, however, looks can be deceiving, as COUGAR has quite the filthy mouth and a bad attitude. He is always sneering and is quite demanding, much like a spoiled and haughty prince. Unlike his sister, CRANE, he is an open book when it comes to his emotions. Akihiro tends to throw around insults around easily, and COYOTE likes to joke around that name-calling is how Aki shows his affections.

Aki is quite the drama queen, clingy at best and tumultously destructive at worse. His lover CROW likens him to a cat—a skittish little thing, easily angered to the point of brandishing his claws quite often. Truly...Aki is quite unlikeable, but he endeared his team to his antics somehow.

He is light on his feet with extremely fast reflexes, making him perfect for his designation as the team's RUNNER. Akihiro prefers to fight with his fists ("there is nothing more satisfying than feeling the crunch of bones underneath your palms") and is a martial arts master. Despite his loud and unruly nature, his speciality also lies in Infiltration, and can break and enter into any place undetected.


Aki has a male ballet dancer's build--slim but riddled with powerful muscle. He honestly has no fashion sense and tries to wear tactical gear 24/7. When lounging around at the base, he is usually seen wearing his compression leggings and a muted tank top.

He spends a lot of his free time reading, doing physical training, or picking fights with CROW that either end up in sex or a trip to the base infirmary.

Aki and his sister were raised at the Compound since they were very, very young—resulting in their less than stellar social skills and their masterful abilities.

  • Likes: Fighting, onigirazu, reading
  • Dislikes: Pretty much everything, he's an angry lil fellow
  • Image Song: X
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