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Codename Name Age Sex Race Build
CROW Aleksandr Drozdov 34 Male Russian 6'2"/ Athletic
Role Specialty Relationship
Slasher Weapons (Sword Preference) cougar


Indifferent | Confident | Ruthless

An exterminator that goes by the codename CROW. He is quiet and passive normally, not anywhere near shy, as he is confident and charismatic. He just chooses to take a backseat when it comes to interacting with others. Aleksandr prefers when others are polite and act with propriety (although, hypocritically, his manners are not that great) and actively dislikes what he considers to be rude behavior. When he is on the job, it's like a switch is flipped, and he is ruthless and feral in his fervor to destroy. CROW's agility and aggression are vital for his role as the team's SLASHER.

CROW's only passion in life is the thrill of a hunt and his partner, COUGAR, who he somtimes reverently but mostly disparagingly calls Kotyonok. His relationship with COUGAR is tumultuous and unhealthy and toxic, as they take their depravity out on each other.

If you ask him why he wears an eyepatch, he will dryly tell you that COUGAR plucked it out because he was misbehaving.


Aleksandr has a taste for the exquisite, thus his outfits are all darkly colored and always finished with luxury red bottom shoes, no matter what. CRANE is shocked and appalled that he somehow got his hands on red bottom flip-flops for the beach.

The tattoos on his left arm are kill stripes, and as time goes on eventually, his whole arm is tattooed black. Aleksandr has a large back tattoo of a crow that spans from shoulder to shoulder. He has a swimmer's build, not overly bulky but with well defined muscles. If he didn't work out, he would be on the tall and reedy side naturally. CROW speaks English with a Russian accent and he is fluent in many languages.

Aleks and Andrei were raised at the Compound together, just like Asuka and Akihiro. They used to be in the same team, but because of the petty quarreling compromising missions, the two were split up. Andrei still lovingly calls his dear brother Sashka, and is the only one allowed to do so.

  • Likes: Luxury Brands (Gucci, Chanel & Christian Louboutin), carnage, COUGAR
  • Dislikes: Getting blood and guts on his designer shoes
  • Image Song: Tear You Apart - She Wants Revenge
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