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Nanami Kento 七海建人 July 3, 1990 28
184 cm (6'0½") Blonde Brown Grade 1 Jujutsu Sorcerer

Nanami Kento (七なな海み建けん人と) is a major supporting character in the popular shonen manga/anime Jujutsu Kaisen. A former student of Tokyo Jujutsu High, he became a salaryman and had an unfulfilling "part of the machine" type of life until he returned years later to Jujutsu sorcery society. He becomes a close mentor to Yuji Itadori, the main character.


  • The mangaka, Gege Akutami has confessed in many instances, that Nanami is his favorite character.
  • He loves bread and is a foodie. Nanami's favorite foods are bread and dishes fried in garlic oil.
  • His hobby is drinking alcohol and cooking for himself.
  • His maternal grandfather is Danish. (Explains the blonde hair, I guess!)
  • Nanami does want to get married, but not while he is still working as a jujutsu sorcerer.
  • He is the only sorcerer in his family. Nanami was scouted and enrolled in Tokyo Jutsu High.
  • When he's not working, he's at home reading, cooking different recipes, and enjoying a drink. It's said to be that he's an introverted homebody.
  • Nanamin wears his hair in a 7:3 part, which is a popular style amongst idols. Nanami’s family name sounds the same as “seven”(七 nana) and “three” (三 mi), a reference to his Ratio Technique and also his hairstyle!

Why Nanamin?

ここから先は時間外労働です 。

I generally like stoic male characters of many different flavors, ranging from sadboi stoic to butthead stoic (Squall Leonhart / FFVIII), even edgy gothlord stoic (Vincent Valentine / FFVII). But something about Nanami being a reserved, overworked, and tired salaryman was so charming to me, I instantly adored him. I felt a kinship towards his attitude for work and the daily grind, as I am currently an officeworker myself. He's a little impatient, a bit blunt and sardonic, but ultimately wise and kind. It's very apparent that he's a responsible, well-meaning, and caring adult with the way he recongizes that Itadori, despite being a vessel for the King of Curses, is just a child--and deserves to have as much guidance and protection as he can, even in a dangerous line of work like Jujustsu sorcery. I know, I know...the naysayers will say "Lapin, you're really going to simp over a character from a mid manga like Jujutsu Kaisen?" and the answer is YES!!! If guys can be unashamedly into borking My Little Ponies, let me have my peace and enjoy my time with a cutie patootie tired, nearly 30 year old Suit Man™.

Anyways, another thing that really reiterates how conscientious and kind Nanamin is, is his line to Itadori: "Atoha tanomimasu. " which translates to basically: "You got it from here." He wanted to make sure that yes, even though Yuuji would witness his death, that he would not allow his final words to become a curse to Yuuji. It's a little more nuanced in Japanese, but he's basically implying his faith in the teenage boy, in his strength and heart to continue on.

I wish he would've lived longer in the story, but he did serve his role as a mentor to Itadori. Unfortunately, I am a lover of side characters and characters that die 90% of the time so I wasn't too shocked at his death, but I was still really bummed. ;-;

Nanamin is my first husbando...and the first manga character that I've dedicated a lot of money into buying figures of, and spending lots of time reading self-insert fanfic of....of drawing OCxCanon art of LOL. Usually, I am 10000% a CanonxCanon shipper, and I initially thought going into the manga that I would come out with a yaoi ship (which is what I do with 99% of the shonen manga I consume HAHA!) It's a little embarrassing to share but this is my collection and my humble little shrine to my favorite salaryman!

official gallery

I’ve received so much appreciation from others, I won’t regret it if I die.


My current collection. 90% of this is official merch! Fan creations will be noted. Currently on the hunt for any good Student!Nanami merch. Clicking the thumbnails will bring you to the MFC entry.

I am looking to start an itabag soon! I have plans to buy a bunch of buttons and some acrylic pins, but I need to find the perfect purse. I might actually make one myself: something that is the same blue as his shirt, and maybe will be designed to look like a suit? ♥ Or maybe a white purse that is patterned with his knife's wrap!

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A small collection fo fan art, fan fic, and other fandom created things that I enjoy! This will be updated periodically...I have many bookmarks and saved images to sort through and source. 🙇‍♀️

Mature and NSFW media will be marked! So please take care when clicking links.

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I couldn't decide for the longest time whether or not I wanted to post my yume art or my OC...but I figured, why not? It's okay to be a dreaming girl ♥ And I'd love to be part of growing the yume community here on the indie web. It's a bit embarassing and revealing..but that's okay! Anyways I hope you enjoy taking a peak into my daydreams ^_^


  • name: Mochizuki Usagi
  • age: 27
  • build: 5'1" / slim
  • affiliation: tokyo jujutsu high, sorcerer
  • grade: 1
  • cursed tool: idk yet lol
  • curse technique: Tsuki no Usagi no Enma (The Moon Rabbit's Judgement)
  • Boring Cursed Technique Info

    TheTsuki no Usagi no Enma is a curse technique that draws inspiration from the elusive, mystical, and agile nature of rabbits. This technique uses lunar energy and can manipulate shadows in a way that manifests as ethereal, spectral rabbit-like entities. It's a technique with excellent hit-and-run tactics, defensive skills, and excels at disorienting opponents. While a strong technique overall, it is suited more for support/defense, so this forces Usagi to become skilled with hand-to-hand combat on her own on through hard work and dedication.

    • 影の巣 (Kage no su / Burrow of Shadows): Within the barrier, shadows take on the form of rabbit burrows, creating a labyrinthine network that disorients and traps adversaries. Those caught within the shadows find themselves lost in a maze of darkness, struggling to find their way out as the barrier shifts and morphs around them.
    • 幻想の巣穴まなざし (Gensō no suana manazashi/ Illusionary Burrow): Usagi creates illusory burrows within shadows, allowing her to disappear and reappear at will. This makes it challenging for opponents to predict her movements, as she can seamlessly traverse between different shadows.
    • ウサギの赤いまなざし (Usagi no akai manazashi / Rabbit's Red Gaze): The eyes of the spectral rabbits possess a mesmerizing quality. When an opponent makes eye contact with them, they experience intense fear and hallucinations, disrupting their focus and rendering them more susceptible to other curse techniques.
    • 月光の盾 (Gekkō no tate / Moonlight Shield): The barrier possesses a resilient defense against curses and attacks, akin to the protective instincts of a rabbit shielding its warren. It can absorb and deflect incoming threats, providing a safe haven for Usagi and her allies within its confines.
    • 月夜の跳躍 (Tsukiyo no chōyaku / Moonlit Leap): Through the manipulation of lunar energy, Usagi can enhance the barrier's abilities under moonlight, amplifying its speed, strength, and resilience. The barrier becomes an even more formidable obstacle to overcome, especially when bathed in the silvery glow of the moon.

general info

Quick-witted and fleet of foot, Usagi is very fond of fancy footwork—and anything else that is extra and over the top. Friendly and clever with a touch of mystery about her, she's able to command the attention of just about anyone with her verbal finesse and sense of humor. Her affable nature and infectious smile belies just how wicked she can be when dealing with Curses.

She has the innate ability to understand the emotions and read others well. Usagi is kind-hearted and compassionate and shares similar views of Nanami's regarding the students at Jujutsu High (they should be protected and taken care of!) However, Usagi does not like to appear too vulnerable as she shoulders the heavy burden of inheriting the title of clan leader and is well aware of how traditional the leaders of Jujutsu society tend to be.


Usagi comes from a matriarchal clan with a history of miko and strong female sorcerers.

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Gathering the courage to post more....(;´д`)ゞ A lot of my yume art is unfinished and sketchy. I draw this stuff to relax! ദ്ദി ˉ͈̀꒳ˉ͈́ )✧

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