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No Doubt - Tragic Kingdom

Sept 2023

Just A Girl - No Doubt

[ A certified classic. I could NOT have a month of listening to girl power anthems without having this song on my playlist. This song hits me as hard today as it did the first time I heard it when I was in elementary school. It's funny how the world can still make you feel like you're just a girl as an adult woman in the corporate world, but that's something I've been fighting by being more outspoken, and more righteously angry.

The pop-punk and ska influences in this song are punchy, bright, and full of energy. Never fails to hype me up!

Fun fact: Just a Girl was the first song Gwen Stefani wrote on her own! ]

aoba ichiko-meringue doll

August 2023

meringue doll - Ichiko Aoba

[Babe wake up, Ichiko Aoba's new single just dropped!

I LOVE her music. I have been an avid listener of her's for years, shortly after her first album's release. I'm typically not much of a folk music lover, but her sweet, airy vocals are so calming and reminiscent of my favorite Japanese signer, Akino Arai, so of course I'm obssessed. This song sounds just as sweet as it's title, vocals whispery, fluffy and light much like actual meringue. The strings are lovely and add a Ghibli-esque sound and conveys the sweetness of longing, of urging someone to wait for you. Of course, as a hopeless romantic my favorite line from the song is:

「抱きしめたら 木漏れ日が微笑んで踊る」
「dakishimetara komorebi ga hohoende odoru」

"When I hold you close / Dappled sunlight dances, laughing."]


June 2023

Aruarian Dance- Nujabes

[It's been so long since I thought to update this page! I haven't listened to a lot of music lately in general, as I've been binging podcasts at work. But! Today I bring you...June's most listened to song. My absolute favorite track from Samurai Champloo. I think this is one of those songs that portrays a certain mood, depending on who you are or where you are in your life. Some friends that I've asked have said this song makes them sad, nostalgic, or longing. Others said: hopeful or at peace. For me, this definitely gives me feelings of nostalgia. Maybe because of the age I was at the time I saw Samurai Champloo, or maybe it's the melody itself, strings and the relaxed beat, but-it's a happy kind of nostalgia.... A fuzzy feeling, like sleeping in a hammock on a summer day.]

shadow community

February 2023

동요 Restless Song - Shadow Community

[I find this song really beautiful. It has a folksy vibe with electronic touches that just ooze sentimentality and sadness. It's quite peaceful, hazy and gloomy but in a very pretty way. This song sets me at ease in a very specific way...I feel like I'm looking through a window, watching the grey sky pour and pour and pour. I played this on repeat quite a bit this month. I don't speak Korean unfortunately so I can't quite decipher the lyrics clearly but from what I gather the song seems quite melancholic. If any of my Korean friends can help me out, please do haha! edit: my wonderful and sweet nonnie translated for me! and i was right, the song is beautiful hehe ψ(`∇´)ψ]


January 2023

kill bill - SZA

[finally something contemporary! i love SZA and i LOVE this song. it has that perfect dreamy, kinda lo-fi, kinda retro sound. the bassline is a nice low thrumming that compliments the melody. her vocals as usual are beautiful! this song has been on repeat constantly for me since the album dropped. the lyrics are fun and punchy for a ballad type song. "rather be in hell than alone" FELT THAT! do i have an ex that would make me relate to this song so much? no lol but i am petty and i am here for the kind of unhinged love song vibe Kill Bill has going on.]

Anastasia OST

January 2023

once upon a december - liz callaway

[a gorgeous song from my favorite "disney era" animated movie hands down. this song is so magical, and has been an earworm since the first time i watched Anastasia when i was a child. this never fails to give me the chills. i know now as an adult, the story and revision of history is absolutely crazy and problematic, but i still can't help but adore this song and the feeling of longing and melancholy it brings while still retaining that fairytale magic.]

p3 portable back cover OST

November 2022

time - shoji meguro

[another nostalgic song! this will always make me think of my younger sister and the summers we spent as growing teenagers playing video games and watching japanese and korean dramas. watching each other play our respective rpgs and binge eating instant noodles. when we are together nowadays, not much has changed, except for the fact that we are now adults with less time and more responsibility. this song always brings a bittersweet feeling to my heart.]


October 2022

ningyo hime - tanaka rie

[a highly nostalgic song to me. reminds me of being a kid, staying up late into the night reading fanfic and drawing ocs with the same playlist on loop for hours. trying my hand at writing my own manga and figuring out how to make my own kamishibai story. surfing geocities, angelfire, and tripod websites. fond memories!]

. . .On-Repeat


Overall Mood: Lots of girl power, girl bossin, and girl gatekeepin. I mostly listened to women singers and bands this month...mostly pop and rap/hip-hop but there was some girly metal mixed in, too. this music inspired me a lot as I worked on my girl OC pages, backstories, and art. inb4 'ur a man hater', i use my ocs to vent the issues i have with men as a class and the men i've had the (unfortunate) pleasure of knowing at certain points in my life. cry moar if you dont like it <3

"Man's World" - MARINA
/Burnt me at the stake, you thought I was a witch
Centuries ago, now you just call me a bitch/
Marina's vocals are impeccable as usual. One of the few songs about living in a world designed by men for men that doesn't sound cheesy or hokey imo.

"Venus Fly Trap" - MARINA

"Cannibal" - Kesha

"Venom" - Lil Simz



Overall Mood: Most of the tunes I listened to this month were rock adjacent, with dirty distorted yet fun and rhythmic guitar riffs and punchy, heavy drums.

"Black Out Days" - Phantogram
this song 1000% takes me back to college. i honestly forgot this song existed until i saw Phantogram open for QOTSA in august! this song has always itched a particular spot in my brain, kind of a vent song for someone that put me through absolute HELL back then but i am so happy that now i can listen to this song and just think about how much of an amazing time i had with poopy seeing them play!
(i also love singing the chorus to koya but as "Koooooooooyyyyyyaaaaa-ayay yaaaaaaaa" LMAO)

"Cheap Talk" - Death From Above 1979

"No One Knows" - Queens of the Stone Age

"Panic Switch" - Silversun Pickups


Overall Mood: Lots of slow or chill intrustmentals from video games this month. I wasn't sad or anything, but the music provided a nice break from how hectic July was for me at work.

"Arise Within You Type R" - Rukunetsu
a remix of my absolute favorite battle theme ever! the original song is from one of my favorite games, Parasite Eve. rukunetsu added his personal style to this song, but it still retains it's effortlessly cool and chill aura!

"Burden to Bear" - Takeharu Ishimoto

"Roxas (Cover)" - Taylor Davis, Lara de Wit

"Fear of the Heavens (Cover)" - TPR, Roxane Genot

"Little Waltz" - Joe Beving


Overall Mood: Darkwave, synthwave, and anything goth adjacent.

"Ghost Writer" - Priest

"Hell Awaits" - Priest

Toxic (Cover)" - Izzy Perri
a song i found on tiktok of all places...this song is totally self-indulgent but hey, i love britney and i love gothy 80s music, so what's better than combining the two!? it's fun!

"She Loves Me, She Loves me Not" - She Wants Revenge

"Enjoy the Silence" - Depeche Mode

. . .Top Songs


"Melting Waltz" - Abel Korzeniowski

"Se Eu Soubesse" - Viratempo

"We Own the Night" - Dance Gavin Dance

"lit" - Kensuke Ushio

"Smells Blood" - Kensuke Ushio

"SIU" - Maretu

"The Perfect Girl" - Mareux

"Cats on Mars" - Gabriela Robin

"Babel" -Die Milch

"God's Revenge" - Feerix

"Killshot" - Magdalena Bay

"UNDERSTAND" - keshi

"King For A Day"- Pierce the Veil

"4:00 AM"- Taeko Onuki

"Ningyo Hime" - Rie Tanaka

"Cure For Me" - AURORA

"U" - millenium parade, Belle


"The Recluse" - Cursive


"lit" - Kensuke Ushio

"Killshot" - Magdalena Bay


"Comme Des Garcons" - Rina Sawayama

"Akasaka Sad" - Rina Sawayama

"Smells Blood" - Kensuke Ushio

"7PM (Cover)" - Moises Nieto

"I Bet On Losing Dogs" - Mitski

"Maria" - Hwasa

"Beggin'" - Måneskin

"Dance in the Dark" - Au/Ra

"EAT" - Poppy

"Liquid Smooth" - Mitski

"Still Doll" - Kanon Wakeshima

"VIVID VICE" - Who-ya Extended

"Lost in Paradise" - ALI

"telepatía" - Kali Uchis

"ラヴコリーダ" - Kavka