May Finds pt. ii

I had a pretty good haul! I was looking for something special to put on the top of my trestle shelf but unsurprisingly, I got lots of other stuff too. I got some kitchenware: a cute mug, cooking spoon rest, a teapot, and two pieces of Corningware from the "pastel bouquet" collection that ran from 1985 to 1990. I found these at two different shops, so lucky!

A closer look at the pattern:

It's perfect for spring and Easter, but knowing myself I will use them all the time! I plan on making some parmentier pie (french shepard's pie basically) in it soon for Poopy.

I'm really stoked about the vase I found, I can finally replace the plain white one on the entryway table I got from Target a few years ago. Also found some small ornate cherub lamps! The lampshades are ugly so I will get new ones for them. I honestly don't have a place for these (yet) but I think they will be great for the plan I have in mind once we find some suitable chairs & a sofa.

Speaking of sofas, here's a 'catch & release' we found at an antiques mall. A 3-pc. set for $1,000. It's pretty but was super uncomfy to sit on plus it's not very pet friendly ;o;

I hope it finds a good home!


Tada! The new look of my candlesticks. Isn't it funny that I put in effort to make something shiny look old and aged? I know it's usually the other way around, but I can't help the aesthetics that my heart loves hehe. One of my friends was like "why on earth would you do that??" But like with everything else, it's a preference. Surely someone out there understands my love of old looking things...anyways, now I need to find a place for them.

Just a living room update. Most of this stuff was found at thrift stores or antique shops. It's all really coming together! I still need to find another Monet print to put in the frame on the cabinet. I would love to change my couches out but I'm still unsure in what direction to go. I think I'll stick with a neutral color like the medium grey in the picture but style-wise....who knows! One minute I want a velvet couch, the next something really pillowy and fluffy. I've looked around some antique shops and found some really gorgeous sofas with ornate woodwork frames but if I got them, I'd never sit on them. Plus, it's hard to get a dog to stay off the couch lol!

May Finds

An unplanned thrift trip! We were only planning on heading to the local hardware store so we could buy a couple of supplies to finish up the box moulding in the living room, but we ended up getting sidetracked (as usual.) Not a terribly impressive haul, but I did find what I was looking for. I really wanted to find a cute flower basket so I could have my dried lavender out on display in a way that wasn't lazy. Also scored an old lionhead vase (unsure of the material but it's some kind of metal), a cute green trinket jar, and a reeeaaally old book filled with ballads and poems for the library (originially written in the 1800s but this copy is a 1st Edition reprint from the 1900s.) Also some candlesticks. I have way too many in my house but I couldn't resist the swirled design of these ones! I wasn't too keen on how shiny they were so I took some paint and aged them myself. I'll take a pic of how it turned out once it dries and cures.

The most impressive thing we got was this vintage alabaster base lamp & shade from the 1940s! Not the best picture (I was testing the wiring so the lightbulb is on...making it look really yellow v_v) but I plan on taking another pic when the weather isn't so stormy and gray. My favorite detail is how the light shines through the alabaster bottom. So pretty! I think we will replace the wiring though just for safety reasons.

February Finds

Thrifting again so soon!? Yes. On Sunday, we were bored and decided to head out to do some window shopping but of course, we came across some treasures that had to come home q(≧▽≦q)

The cherub heart mirror was such a lucky find...It's made of wood! So it's heavy and sturdy. The paint is chipped in a few spots but I think it adds character. It's such a pretty mirror. A small little urn, another Lenox trinket dish (that I honestly like more than the flower petal one that I picked up a few weeks ago n_n I think I'll gift that one to my mom or someone at work if I can't find a place for it!) An absolutely beautiful brass easel. The picture grame on it right now is from a thrift last year, I'm unsure if I'll use it here but for now it's a placeholder. Lastly, an antique frame/painting. It's kind of dark but it's really looks really good.

My croc for scale hehe

Also! Finally got the cabinet out and decorated with all of the cherub knick-knacks I bought last month. I think it looks lovely. The green color is so cute and adds a pop of color to my living room that was much needed. Still unsure if I want to find matching paints to touch up the scuffs. Should I paint over all of them? Or maybe leave some scuffs for that "shabby chic" look? I really do love the look of well-loved furniture hmmm...I think it's missing a lace or crochet doily on top, so I'll be on the hunt for one!

January Finds

Finally! I had some free time to go thrifting and antiqueing. I've missed it so much but work and the holidays have been so hectic for me. Saturday I went out with the intention of finding a few things in particular: some new knick-knacks for a new shelf that will be placed in the living room, some cute spice jars, and maybe a new planter for Spring! I was successful for the most part. I couldn't find any spice jars unfortunately but I did find a very cute house-shaped cookie jar. The green (Grecian?) vase in the collage above is for the library (which why it doesn't match the vibe of everything else :P)

The cookie jar will be used as a tea jar! I'm going to place all of my single use teabags in it and set it on the coffee bar area of my kitchen. As I was washing it though, I inspected it closer and realized it was lovingly homemade! I've stated this in other places on my site, but I really adore homemade and artisan goods.

Though, when I flipped it heart broke a little bit lol T_T

The bottom reads: "X-mas '91. Love, Mom"

I'm going to cherish and love this jar forever! I'm very sentimental and a crybaby (as you all may already know haha) so this got me more attached to it than I already was.

Oops! Please ignore Koya's wagon in the background lol.

Isn't the icecream bear planter so cute? I'm going to put him in my room on a windowsill. I'm still thinking of what exactly to put in there, but maybe some white flowers or a succulent. Something that will thrive from just windowlight! Unsurprisingly, I picked up some angels (one planter, one vase, and a set of figurines), a Mikasa petal-shaped bowl for my earrings, and a cross (just because.)

Once the shelf for the living room comes in, I'll dress it up with this stuff and share a picture here!

Library Gallery Wall Update

Some new antique/vintage artwork up on the main gallery wall. I think it's finished now.

July Finds

Scored a gorgeous antique mirror! It was a family heirloom, and it's pretty old. It was pretty expensive because of its age and the fact that it's not made of resin like so many modern swirly mirrors are. Made of brass and wood, so it's decently heavy! But it really adds a finishing touch to our study gallery wall. So pretty!

Also got some cute little cameo frames. I have no idea where I will put these for now but they were too cute (and cheaply priced!) to pass up.

Something that's been on my list FOREVER is a cherub mirror! I found the one at an antiques shop this weekend but unfortunately it was marked as Not For Sale (┬┬﹏┬┬) The perfect little brass mirror with an arched shape. I should have taken a picture of it but I was so sad lol. Later on in the day, I came across this one at a thrift shop, and I like it well enough but I'm not much of a fan of the "stone" look of it. I am thinking about painting it so it can match my room but I'm unsure if I want to go the brass/gold route or be completely tacky and paint it pastel pink LMAO. I'll have to think on it some more.

Mirror Sconce & Vintage French Lighting

Isn't that the cutest little mirror? An absolute score at around $20usd!! I bought it originally for my grem cave walls are waaay too full of stuff and I didn't want to clutter my room up any more than it is! So I stuck it on a bare wall in the dining room, next to the window/my plants. It's so very cute, I like where it's at right now but I may move it.

I also bought a vintage French light for my foyer to replace the very modern black one that we have hanging up. It will match the decor a lot better, the vibe in the grand room/foyer is kind of a traditional Parisian ~light academia~ vibe (according to Pinterest! Please my European friends, don't hit me LOL) This cost a few hundred dollars but I think it's worth it! It does come with EU wiring though, so the seller said I may have to swap it out or try and get a hold of a EU bulb to see if it'll work? I'll see what I (aka Poopy lmao) can do! I know this is an antique/vintage but I am unsure if it truly counts as "thrifting" as I bought it on an online antiques marketplace. It's being shipped from the Netherlands so it should be here in a few weeks!

Anyways, I'm visiting the antique shops in the more ~affulent~ city an hour away this weekend. Gonna see what I can find and buy with my birthday money ( •̀ ω •́ )✧

Final Fantasy IX

Not my usual thrift, but I'm so happy I found it! An instant buy. Now that I have FFIX, my Final Fantasy PSX collection is complete. I've never owned it before because as a kid, I rented it from Blockbuster (remember that place!?) I hope this particular store will have more old games when I go back. I'm still looking for a copy of Koudelka that won't cost an arm and a leg.

60s Vintage Amber Glasses

I forgot to add these here when I picked them up in 2022! So I'm adding a little blurb. I am completely obssessed with vintage glasses and tumblers. I spotted these at a thrift store that specializes in vintage finds. I adore how amber looks in glassware so I was instantly smitten and had to buy this set! I haven't used them yet, but I love rootbeer floats so these would be the perfect little vessel. These came in a set of 8 and I nabbed them for around $30 or so.

I hope to find some 1940s wine glasses to add to my collection soon.

October Finds


We were up bright and early on Sunday morning. I woke up around 5am and just scrolled through Tiktok (which I should REALLY quit using. I'm working on it..) until my husband woke up a couple hours later. We decided to make use of the extra morning hours and go thrifting and antiquing. Yay! Except we are silly and didn't check the opening hours for the stores in the next town over. So we drive for an hour and everything was closed lol!! We just decided to get breakfast and coffees in the meantime ♥ We got macchiatos and split a pumpkin cream cheese muffin (mostly because I felt bad that he had to take his medication on an empty stomach even though I told him to get his own muffin.) After more driving around, the stores still weren't open (we were out and about around 9AM, the stores didn't open until noon!) so we decided to head back to our town and hit up the antiques stores there.

I initially set out on a mission to find some cool old books for our home library but couldn't find anything! I think a lot of stuff was damaged in the hurricane we had last year (or the year before? I don't know, I cannot keep up with all the storms!!) I ended up buying cute little cherubs for my hobby room for the empty shelving that we just hung last week. The antique brass candle sconces and the clock were for the library and the antique mirror also went into my hobby room. It was listed as an antique French mantle mirror, but I don't know much about proper decor classifications/history to say whether it is or not. (It reads to me more of a country/ranch style to me but I don't know!) I just really liked the details in it.

Lastly, the cute heart table. As soon as I saw it, I fell in love! I was wanting one last piece for my art room (I'd call it a studio, but that feels so pretentious?) It's the cutest thing. I have plans on painting it a creamy color to match the rest of the space. The glass table top is hinged, and it has a little display that you can put things into. I want to add some pretty roses in it until I can decide if I want to display any of my jewelry in it. Sunday was fun, and it was a pretty "sucessful" haul despite not coming home with what I planned. Next on my list, find candelabra with cherubs on it!

Our Library

One wall of our library. About 90% of everything in this picture was thrifted, with the exception of the bookcase which is a family heirloom from Poopy's side of the family. I can't recall it's exact age, but I'm fairly certain it 100-ish years old. It's made of real oak so it's extremely heavy and sturdy.

On the shopping list: velvet chaise lounge, wall planters, pothos, a nice dog bed. More antique and vintage books!

2021 Finds

Not much treasure hunting went on this year because of the craziness of moving into a new home and covid restrictions before they got lifted. Hoping to get back into it again in 2023 as things have calmed down in my personal life.