NOV 13
new diary entry. more whining (sorry lol)
new word in /philologos
interesting updates soon hopefully 🤞

NOV 07
new entry in /myroom, finally added the rest of the pixel dolls up to /ocsitemap, and added my pink cow cursor to /sozai

NOV 01
new diary entry ♫♪

OCT 26
two new OC profiles: diesel and melody.
amano's page got a bit of a makeover because i quickly grew to hate the myspace vibes of the last one lol

OCT 25
new entry in /myroom
just a couple of pictures added to /thriftlog
added an entry to /artlog the other day and added /artmiscellanea

OCT 22
small cosmetic changes to /index /links, and /myroom, nothing really noteworthy

OCT 18
finally got around to using my custom domain! please excuse any broken links!
updated my /oc sitemap again...ended up just using my toyhouse profile layout (✿◡‿◡)
a tiny blurb quickly jotted down about lies of p in /arcade but it's nothing coherent lol, i will go write a proper analysis later.

OCT 13
/art layout finally updated! still moving some things around and adding stuff to my galleries but the bulk of it is finished and ready for viewing ^_^

OCT 10
moved some links around on /home nav bars
worked some more on /floriography though it's not finished yet
new layout for /readinglog but no new content yet
i kept forgetting to upload /philologos, but finally here she is!

OCT 05
drawtober entries in /artlog
halloween gfx moved to /halloween
more code cleanup + some small aesthetic improvements on /index

OCT 02
just replaced some img links around and added a new look and entry to /artlog.
september's /sotm and /onrepeat has been added.
tiny blurb in sony section of /arcade about unpacking
added /stylesavvy, /magazine, /astrology, and /floriography but i will link later when they are complete.

did some code clean up in general and made deco elements on /home and /sotm responsive. new layout for /oc sitemap and also added some new oc profiles to it. updated /artfaq with small layout adjustments. i've mostly been working on OC content so hopefully soon i can upload some IRL stuff (*^▽^*)

new pages in /ocs & added some new dollies to my toybox!

new flannel bgs in /sozai
new song of the month plus a (wip) makeover!
new pic in /photo
new entry in /artlog
new gif dump in /oldwebgfx

AUG 31
not a big update but miruku's OC page got a makeover! i also added a new picture of my gremlin cave to my room and some new gifs to old web gfx the other day.

AUG 17
new diary entry, new live log section, new pix on photo log & a tiny bit of a makeover there. adding some new stuff to old web gfx in a bit

AUG 17
cleaned up some broken links here & there. added a couple new backgrounds to /sozai. widened a couple of layouts for easier viewing.

AUG 07
New diary entry. also wrote about my thoughts so far on FF16 in the arcade under the SONY tab. finally finished my pets page! and as usual, quietly added more stuff to old web gfx as well as gave it a fresh new layout.

AUG 02
started working on /old web gfx. will be adding new things i pull off of old storage sporadically until everything is uploaded. trying to figure out the best layout too!

JUL 27
finished updating my art gallery layout! no new art though :3c

JUL 25
new thrift log entry!

JUL 20
new thrift log entry!

JUL 19
updated the index page, home, and about with new layouts! working on various other layout updates as well.

JUL 05
new sozai bgs, updated links, new art!

JUN 25
Lots of new stuff. Read about it here!!

JUN 21
Did some code cleanup! No new content besides the microblog

APR 12
New photos in photolog, new diary entry & layout, new art log entry

MAR 30
a ton of new stuff done to my oc page. also adjusted some things on my diary bc im old and it hurt my eyes to read

MAR 22
New diary entry & added photolog

MAR 20
New post in art log

MAR 15
Adding iframes to various places to replace some boxes

MAR 14
Working on new layout :3c