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Welcome to my little corner of the internet, Lovesick! Best viewed on desktop, in Chrome or Edge. This website is not optimized for mobile. This is my personal space: a digital scrapbook, diary, and art gallery. I am just a mere hobbyist so my CSS & HTML skills are nowhere near polished but all that matters is that I'm having fun! ♡

Please take caution when exploring my site as a lot of my own art veers towards the dark and creepy, and some of the content discussed here may contain adult themes. As with all personal sites on the web, I am constantly tinkering on this thing and there will be many unfinished pages.

Thank you for visiting my site and enjoy your stay!

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hobbies are hard work! stuff i'd like to get done in the near future. an evergrowing and everchanging list.


  • redo /index
  • work on /darkmode
  • work on /credits remake /credits layout
  • update outdated layouts: /foodlog, /photolog, /diaryarchive, /readinglist
  • draw pixel art "Enter" on /index
  • draw chibi nurse milky to replace cat nurse gif
  • draw and add custom emotes to /cbox
  • add kiriban to magazine rack
  • work on more original assests and pixel art for LS! goal: everything homemade
  • add content to /magazine and add to sitemap
  • update /artgallery to swanky notebook or sketchbook themed layout!
  • tweak /teatime layout
  • add content to and remake /pets layout
  • add content to /workbag
  • write out my cringe "manifesto" on internet stuff


  • add pin and keychain from nonnie
  • update /myroom front page link from cherub to divinity
  • gachapon: add new sanrio potokoro/kororins and madoka tube
  • add flowerknows from nonnie! to /vanity
  • add lancome teint idole and chanel white tube lippy to /vanity
  • add area for quick reviews/stars in /vanity
  • add nailpolish section to /vanity
  • add stuff to closet wishlist


  • zine: sinisister: WOMEN OF HORROR (zine of fanart, articles dedicated to women in horror, anime, movies, books etc. all with a feminist edge/lens)
  • game dev log for WIP horror game


  • parasite eve shrine
  • add content to /arcade
  • add more content to /acnh (once i start playing again rip)
  • redo /otp maybe? add tropes, and write more about couples i like. remove notps cuz its mean i guess...
  • yuna shrine
  • shadow hearts shrine
  • update tifa shrine w/ new "essay"
  • emil shrine/nier
  • remove figure tracker (too much upkeep)
  • redo animanga layout. add thoughts and such.
  • karuta layout

about the site

Lovesick was created on a whim in 2021, after a long fit of boredom with current uncustomizable social media. I found Neocities through a friend, and after searching through her site and going through all her links, I fell in love! I was instantly reminded of my early internet experience, when there were plenty of hobby websites on hosts like Geocities and Angelfire. I enjoyed seeing glimpses of people's personalities and inner worlds, and thought, why don't I make a silly site too? My knowledge of HTML & CSS at the time was really the bare minimum, the most 'coding' I had ever done was trying to make my Xanga and Myspace flashy years ago. I had really gotten rusty with the rise of modern social media though, and could barely remember what a body tag was.

I grew a bit frustrated and took a break from teaching myself for about a year. I was also burnt out and sad from constant unfulfilling commission work, and trying to appeal to the masses on social media—trying to warp and bend my art and aesthetic vision to something everyone would like. Then during the covid lockdowns, I decided...well, screw it! And deleted most of my social media, and started drawing what I really enjoyed (demons, horror themes, little buggy fellas, and just whatever random designs that popped into my head. Most importantly NO fan art of whatever the trending anime was on social media.) I felt much happier and then randomly, I picked up my website again with that new mindset. Let me build a site that looks appealing to me, and that would just be fun for me to make and browse! And months and months of work later, here is Lovesick V3! My little pride and joy, a silly online journal and scrapbook dedicated to everything I love.

about the mascot

Lovesick's mascot is Miruku! Also nicknamed as Milky. She is a silly little gal created from a discord challenge in my server of close friends a few years back. She started off as basically well...just a drawing. But I quickly fell in love with her! Milky is a bit of a sona, I guess—she has all of my sillier traits cranked up to a 1000%. She's also my ideal personality! Someone that is fun, carefree, and effortlessly confident! As an extremely shy introvert, I could never achieve that IRL but that's okay. I can daydream through Milky LOL.

why lovesick?

The title of my website comes from Miruku and her relationship with her BF, Diesel! They are utterly besotten and lovesick for eachother, something I based upon my own IRL relationship with my Poopy. Funnily enough, the assertive and self-assured Milky reflects more of my partner's personality while I'm more like Diesel, grumpy and shy! o(* ̄▽ ̄*)ブ

Leaving so soon?
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