My Room

this page is dedicated to the room that is lovingly called my gremlin cave! this is where i will be sharing pictures and cataloguing various things that i collect. have fun peeking into my garbage pile!! ♥




Where you can buy the stuff I have in my room. I get questions sometimes so hopefully this will be a good resource. Disclaimer: NONE of these are affiliate links, I'm just sharing because I want to!

63" Desk Detolf Cabinet LED Light Strips Wired Puck Lights
5 Shelf Bookcase 8 Cube Organizer 7 Shelf Organizer 13x13 Storage Cubes
Acrylic Risers Acrylic Risers Acrylic Book Stand 15x4 Acrylic Wall Shelf
Controller Holder Heart Shelf 12x12 Picture Frame Tower Fan