Sister Charlotte Halloween


A Penitent Bride who is as surly as she is beautiful, Charlotte is quick to anger but hides her emotions behind a mask of neutrality. She is surprisingly shy when it comes to matters of the heart, feeling awkward and flustered when put on the spot. Not much one for small talk, she usually stalks off when approached by strangers as her social skills are lacking, especially in comparison to Father Valentine's. She is wholly uninterested in forging new relationships with others, though she finds herself repeatedly getting stuck with an everchanging roster of new people in her life.

While withdrawn and a bit cold, she still has a large heart but, because of her past, she prefers to keep people away, as she is quite emotionally frail and tender-hearted, though she hides it behind a blank and passive facade. Through meeting and working with Nathaniel, Dominic, and Ven, she chooses to become more expressive and allows herself to demonstrate her naturally nurturing character more often.

Though serious and a bit brooding, Charlotte still maintains a dry sense of humor and often plays along when Nathaniel is feeling playful. Because of her religious upbringing and growing up in an all-girls environment, she reacts shockingly bashful to Nathaniel's flirtatious antics or Sister St. Patrick's salacious remarks. She prefers order and procedure——when her routine of cleaning her guns after a hunt gets interrupted, she gets irritable and moody.

Charlotte specializes in the removal of malevolent ghosts and demons and prides herself in her skill. She can usually be found studying or training with the other Sisters at the Penitent Bride convent when not on a mission.


Born as Maria Luiza da Silva, Sister Charlotte Halloween grew up in a large and loving family in Portugal. She was orphaned at a young age and placed into the care of Our House of Lady Fátima, a church-run orphanage and boarding school for lost and troubled girls.

As an adolescent, Charlotte grew quite the temper but relied on her faith to keep her steady. The head nun, Sister Catarina, noticed her unyielding faith and rigourous discipline——brutally steadfast in her beliefs——and nominated her as a candidate to join the renowned yet esoteric convent that trained Penitent Brides. She trains hard and studies dutifully for years, and with nothing of a family or home life to distract her, Charlotte excels. As tradition, she is christened with a new name¹ as she takes on the mantle of Sister Charlotte Halloween once she has earned her place amongst the ranks of the Penitent Brides.

Charlotte befriends Sister Niamh St. Patrick, and holds her, along with the other Sisters at the Brides convent dear to her heart, though she rarely expresses it.

¹: Donning a new name shows the Church that one is committed fully and wholeheartedly to the Holy Cause.

Charlotte and Nathaniel are granted a rare dispensation from the Church after taking down The Black Herald. They spend the rest of their days living peacefully in the French countryside, often writing letters to Dominic who is now in the Americas. They run a small books and curiousities shop, and it is rumoured by the townsfolk that the surprisingly elaborate garden in the courtyard was planted by the shop curator in tribute of his wife's family.

Birthday Age Sex POB Race Role
Sept 20 26 Female Portugal Portuguese Penitent Bride
Build Stature Tarot MBTI Sign Flower
5'3"/161cm Petite Strength XXFJ Virgo White Rose

Strength Dexterity Constitution Intellect Wisdom Charisma
●●●●○ ●●●●○ ●●●○○ ●●●●○ ●●●○○ ●●○○○
Kindess Integrity Courage Confidence Temper Humor
●●●○○ ●●●●● ●●●●● ●●●●○ ●●●●○ ●●○○○
Theme: Devotion vs. Desire - Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Maecenas facilisis ex quis enim condimentum, vulputate elementum lacus viverra. Donec non dui id augue pellentesque aliquam et eget felis.

Facts & Trivia
  • Positive Traits: hardworking, loyal, analytical, steadfast
  • Negative Traits: overly critical of others and herself. can be terse and quite rude, especially when moody.
  • Nicknames: Cherie (by Nathaniel), Lottie (by the Sisters at the convent)
  • Shotgun: 'PRAYER'
  • Dual pistols:'SAINT & SINNER'
  • Rifle: 'BENEDICTION'
  • She carries an assortment of knives and firearms nestled in the depths of her skirts.
  • Despite her small stature, she has the strength of a 6 foot, 230 lb. man.
  • Born left-handed but forced to use her right.
  • She doesn't like the smell of juniper because it reminds her of her mother's perfume.
  • She thinks that Dominic and his "doll's" clothing styles are gaudy and garish
Likes Dislikes
routine & structure physical affection (for the most part)
cleaning her guns small talk
studying scripture vegetables
window shopping the smell of juniper
killing demons being teased/the center of attention
Design Notes:
  • Red crosses across sleeves of dress.
  • Hair length is mid back.
  • Ash cross worn on forehead when hunting.
  • Usually has a neutral or slightly grumpy expression on her face.
  • When she is out of her nun vestments, she wears a modest longsleeved white dress with her hair tied up in ponytail by a blue ribbon.
  • While you can draw her with makeup for aesthetic reasons, canonically she runs around bare-faced.

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Entregarás Tu Rostro a La Señora
- Carlos Viola

Love Pain
- Yuki Kaijura

The Book of Lies and the Universe
- Keiichi Okabe


Nathaniel Valentine:

She is very much Death Before Dishonor™ personified and puts her duty above any feelings she may or may NOT have (thank you very much!) for her eccentric partner. As her feelings grow for Nathaniel she is plagued with conflict and guilt over breaking her vows.

VII (Ven):

Initially, Charlotte sees VII as something of a monster, but still senses a glint of humanity within them that is worth saving. She is cold to them at first but eventually, she opens her heart and they grow a loving sibling-like relationship over time, in which she coddles them in her own way.

Dominic Kennedy :

Dislikes Dominic and calls his creations abominations of God's Will. Does not trust him but tolerates him because of Father Valentine. They have a tense and strained relationship. Charlotte often feels guilty working with Nic because of VII essentially being a walking portal to the Void.

Sister St. Patrick:

Sister Niamh St. Patrick is the closest thing to a best friend in Charlotte's life. Niamh often teases her about her "emotionally constipated" ways, and likes to fluster her with her crude language and behavior. The bond they share means a lot to Charlotte, whose life is marred with loss.


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